Saturday, March 31, 2007

Come on Now Smile!

One of the things people who only know me from the internet often think, or say to me via email, is that it seems as if I am serious all of the time. Truth is they do not know me all that well. I will admit that I take certain things seriously, I might even as some say, wear my emotions on my sleeve but that is not who I am in its entirety. In fact, I have a number of good friends, including at least one professional comic, who has encouraged me at times to go into comedy. I think for those that knew me in my youth, they would tell you I was the class clown. .

Christmas is a time of year, which despite the seriousness of it, and despite the high rate of depression, it is also brings about joy for some. I do not quite understand why there are the extremes of emotion, but I suspect there are legitimate theories. I expect part of it has to do with the focus on the commercial aspects of Christmas, the stress of finance and so forth.

Yesterday while at one of the local shopping establishments I heard several people talking on their cell phones. One in particular was talking to who I suspect was her husband, asking about charging on a credit card verses taking money out of savings. There was a present they wanted to buy a child but did not have the money to purchase it outside one of these two methods. This lady was in short, purchasing items she did not have money for. She ended up reasoning that she could spend it on the credit card, and then pay back the card, without interest with what they had anticipated getting from her husbands Christmas bonus. At this point, I could not help but think of Chevy Chase in A Christmas Vacation where he did not get the bonus he thought he was going to get. This family, like so many seemed to have their joy wrapped up in what they could buy for others.

I have to admit on this point; I have fallen into that same trap this Christmas. I have based my joy on the commercial aspects of Christmas. I need to be reminded as do we all, that our joy is not based on a material thing, but on a spiritual thing. God loved the world so much that he gave his only son to provide a way of salvation for us. The worlds focus on Christmas, either by Christians celebrating it or condemning it, and by non Christians focus on the holiday, tells us all there has to be something special about this day, about the birth of Jesus that makes the day special. I challenge it is that God would love us to the magnitude he did giving the ultimate gift. For those of us who know how bad we are, how undeserving we are of this type of love, we can find joy. In that joy comes laughter and celebration.

I challenge that today we look at the videos and recognize the laughter that can come about. There will be some that is reverent, some irreverent, but all with a focus on Christmas and the real reminder that Jesus can provide joy. There are some you can watch with your children, others you shouldn't let children see. This is a reminder that we can all find joy in our own way, we can all find ways to celebrate the truth of what Christmas is with others, in our own way. For those that aren't Christians, that is okay that you view and watch as well, but be careful about throwing all of the stiff, no sense of humor Christians in the same boat. Truth is, we aren't in the same boat, but the other truth is, we all have reason to celebrate and be thankful for the birth of Christ. Even if you don't believe in the party which we celebrate, thanks for coming along and doing what you do, that is if you observe Christmas in any way.

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