Saturday, March 31, 2007

Christmas with Larry the Cable Guy, Bob Rivers and Mr. Bean

I think it is time for a couple of crazy Christmas songs. You know, it seems as if every year we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I have to admit I am as guilty of this as anyone I know. That being said we all need reminders of the fact that Christmas in all of its glory carries a measure of simplicity. I think there is even a sense of fun to it, after all, what more fun is there than a new baby. Every seen a mature man or woman making funny faces at a baby trying to get it to smile and/or laugh. I think that Mary and Joseph couldn't have really been that different than any other parent or step parent in the presence of a new baby. Yes from shepherds to kings, people knew the baby Jesus was more than just a regular baby, but he was still a baby,

Today is a reminder to all of us that in the rush of the holidays, remember it is still about a little babe, a little babe who still likes to see us have fun and experience joy. While today's blog and message is a little shorter than usual I think we can all appreciate the value of having fun. After all we do say Merry (implied have a good and fun time) Christmas don't we? Of course I know some of us say Happy Hanukah but that word Happy shouldn't need much explanation either.

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Larry The Cable Guy's Christmas Carols I know this guy isn't for everyone, in fact, you might want to screen this one before letting the kiddies watch it. But it still touches the funny bone of a few folks.

One of my favorite set of Christmas CD's come from Bob Rivers. Known as the Twisted Christmas CD's these things are in a word, hysterical and in some regards, sac religious. The Twelve Pains of Christmas is a classic that has received a lot of air play over the years. I always find myself acting just like the guy rigging up the lights.

No matter how hard we try, we can't get away from the real meaning of Christmas, even when having fun. I love the British humor of Mr. Bean. This feature from Mr. Bean looks at an adult having fun and playing with a nativity set. I must admit, I have done the same thing.

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