Saturday, March 31, 2007

Christmas Memories, Goodbye Dear Friends

This morning I sat watching and enjoying my new satellite dish. We haven't had cable or satellite for over a year now and moving to Derby recently we didn't get that good of reception. So, we resigned up for our satellite dish. As a part of that service we got for free a free premium network for 3 months. So being the fan I am of some of the quality television on HBO that is what we signed up for. This morning, while sitting down and eating breakfast I watched Sports with Bob Costas. One of the things that Costas did on his show this week was look at some of the sports figures who have passed on over the course of the last year. I have always been a sucker for these types of things, and found myself tearing up over the loss and discussion of several sports figures.

As I looked at this I begin to think of my recent efforts at putting together these Christmas videos for The Virtual Pew and MySpace. I was reminded of last week when I was looking at some of these nostalgic videos and recognized that some of them had passed on. I became deeply saddened because I knew some of these individuals had had a dramatic impact on my life, whether I recognized it or not. They may have been in a movie I cherished as a child, maybe did a song that I recall. For some, like John Denver, I had even sang some of his songs in the past. In fact as I looked at one video of John Denver and Karen Carpenter, I wept, I wept because here was an example of two people, in a lasting video memory, who had given so much of their talents.

I don’t know what it is but the older I get, the more I think, what kind of contribution am I giving to this planet? Will I be remembered someday for the work I have done? Will my children, grandchildren, friends and family, know how much I loved them? I think these thoughts, these reflections are things that all of us start to experience as we get older. I also think that the impact we have on this world after we leave it, are things we have to work on while we are living. The truth is, we can all have a positive impact on all of humanity. I think that is one of the reasons the Son of God came and lived among us as a man. He wanted us to all know that a man, a woman, can make a difference. It is why he chose the twelve people he did to help him in his work, it is one of the reasons he went out of his way to touch and show love to the people he did. In a way, Jesus by touching people, showed the value of how we can all be remembered. He showed and taught the value of how we can make a difference.

I guess I have hope that my experiences don't end here, this earth is not the end to the means, but the means to the end. In other words, what I have for my eternity after I leave this planet, is established in part because of whom I know, first and foremost Christ, but then beyond that, because of the relationships and acts of love and service I give from this point on.

Here is the question for the day. What are you doing to have an impact? Do you have hope for tomorrow? Do you think about how others will reflect about you? Are you just a body walking around, or are you a history maker in at least the life of one person that will have an impact on improving the lives of others on this planet? I could ask more and more questions, but I think you are likely figuring those questions out on your own.

In closing, know these questions, these thoughts aren't just for you to ponder, they are things I constantly ponder. They are things that as we approach the day we celebrate Jesus birth, that I realize I have to continually work on. Truth is, I will never know of the impact I have. I won't know because that is often judged in the tears and memories of those left behind after we are gone. I will be honest, I want people to weep when I am gone because that will symbolize that I was loved. Being loved gives indication to others that they knew you loved them. I don't want them to dwell on those things, but I want people to know I love them. I want those of you reading this, that even though I don't know some of you all of that well, I love you! I love you because a Savior first loved me, so I have no option but to share that love with others I know he loves. My hope and prayer, is that each of us would know and experience the love of the savior, Jesus, whose birth we celebrate during this time of year. I can think of nothing more I would enjoy than to share with you as to how you can know that love. Of course that is a private thing so you can feel free to privately contact me if you want to know that love.

Today, watch the memories of some of those who are gone now. Realize the impact they had. Then think, what about me? Not that you should be a John Denver or Bing Crosby, but that you can make the difference that at least one person needs. Of course when you make the difference to the one, it is just like we know from the movie It's A Wonderful Life, we have made a difference for many.

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Charles Schultz made a tremendous difference, he was also a disciplined follower of Jesus Christ. He gave what many consider to be the greatest cartoon character in history. Below is the complete version of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

While David Bowie is still around, Bing Crosby has been gone for sometime now. That doesn't change the fact that he gave so much and his memory will live on. Here is The Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth, some say one of the top Christmas renditions of all time.

John Lennon gave so much to us not only as a member of the Beatles but as a solo artists. So This is Christmas War Is Over is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Listen to the words, think about what they are saying.

Here is Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, two members of the rat pack that had such an incredible impact. Here they sing a Christmas Medely from their Christmas television special.

I don't care who you are, this is one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. It is in fact the most recorded and largest selling song of all time. A true classic White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire, or A Christmas Song by Nat King Cole is a classic for great reason. This man could sing.

I'll never forget the day I heard about Elvis Presley's death. He had a number of Christmas hits, I don’t know if any were any bigger than Blue Christmas.

Here is another that brings back memories of Charles Schultz. The Christmas Theme with video from Charlie Brown.

Here is another one by Elvis Presley that isn't that popular called Christmas Santa Claus. It is a bluesy tune that touches on some adult themes.

John Denver was one of my favorites. Here is a scene from A John Denver Christmas. He is reading Alfie The Christmas Tree

John Denver got to sing at the Vatican for the Pope, the song he chose to sing here was Little Drummer Boy.

This is the one that got the tears going for me, John Denver and Karen Carpenter singing a song from their Christmas Special. This is a great song.

It is really sad when you see a child star in a ultimate movie classic who has taken her own life. If only Judy Garland had known more about that Silent Night she sings about here.

Here is another rendition of Elvis doing Blue Christmas. I actually like this one a little bit more.

Here are two greats Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby doing the song Sisters from the movie White Christmas. I got to see this on the big screen for the first time last year. What a joy to hear the audience singing along and applauding the work of these two that bring joy every Christmas.

A Fan Video of Blue Christmas with Elvis from 1958. This features some great photos during the video.

Dean Martin sings The Christmas Blues, wow.

Elvis in another fan video of Here Comes Santa Claus. This may have the best photographs of any Christmas Video on YouTube.

This is the John Lennon Video that got me in trouble with a few Christians. It is a graphic display of war from the song Happy Christmas War is Over. I personally believe that John Lennon would have been pleased with this video, and that Christians should listen to the words of the songs before they become so critical.

George Harrison was a wonderful talent who in my opinion was only getting better. Here is George on Ruthland Weekend Television.

Here is Merry Christmas Darling from The Carpenters. I miss Karen Carpenter, what would she be doing now if still alive?

When I think of Judy Garland I think most people think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. What a voice, here singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Notice the war images in this video, it could likely be just as big today.

Here is Judy Garland on The Tonight Show singing Till After The Holidays. Not great quality, but the voice comes through.

Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sing White Christmas from a 1957 television special.

A White Christmas Movie Trailer, What a movie.

Snow from White Christmas, a number of legends here.

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