Saturday, March 17, 2007

So You Wanna Get High

Why would a beautiful young woman give it all away? A husband who has gone through the fire for his wife? A house that has started to turn in to a home? Four beautiful young daughters who have seen the heart and actions of their mother? Why would anyone give this up, all for a high that comes from Crystal Meth or Crack Cocaine?

Over the last year I had a friend, named Larry, who had lived with us for around 9 months. Larry was a great guy, that had lived a hard life. Same thing happened to him, the demons of the drug had started attacking him again and before long it started affecting the discipline that we were trying to provide him from him living with us. I knew he was using, his Parole Officer didn't hear me, the church he came from didn't hear me, all kinds of people didn't hear me, despite the fact that I have been around drugs, was a former user myself. No one listened. I just knew when things started showing up missing, and people I didn't know were at my house, he had to leave. Was I correct in my assumptions about his drug use? Most certainly as he overdosed and died about 4 months after the time I had him move out. This new Friend has the potential to have the same things happen to her.

Check out this Video, for what Crystal Meth will do to you.

I am convinced that others dont understand the situations either. With good intentions they have done more to facilitate and enable some drug users more than they will ever know. My words are going to be hard, but I believe them to be true. An individual getting on these drugs has to at some point hit rock bottom before they will want to get well. The problem is, that sometimes on the way to the bottom they hit so hard that they dont make it out.

How do we facilitate more drug use, or enable the drug user? There are many answers to this to think about.

Dont offer real love. Over the last weeks I have had to change many plans to oversee and try to provide support. I have to go by their house again today, I have had to offer various kinds of help, I have had to let her hit bottom. None of those things are easy but they offer real love.

I have also had to be wise. For me that means thinking of my past as to why I did the things I did. It means for those not living that past to do some research, find out on your own what is going on in the heads of the people you come into contact with. It also means being wise in other things. I dont go into this persons house alone. I wont let her come into my house without someone here, unless the front door is always open. I make sure to maintain my integrity and possible temptations at all times. I pray up and ask for Gods help when with this person.

It means not helping at all with money. Now I know this one sounds hard, but this person has literally asked me to empty the lawnmower of gas so she can have gas in her car. I have had other Christians tell me they have never given her money but they will take her to put gas in it for her. To give gas to a person addicted on drugs is no different than putting the drugs in their hands. I go so far as to say, that putting gas in the car for a young woman on drugs is worse than giving her drugs.

What do I mean by the comment that giving gas to a young woman is worse than giving her drugs? It is really quite simple, and those that have been around know what I am speaking of. What you do when you put gas in her car is you enable her to go to the drug house to try and bargain for drugs. You give her a way to go someplace she can sell herself for drugs or money. Those things I assure you are worse than giving her the drugs, because then you not only allow her to abuse her body with drugs, but with sex and every other unimaginable thing.

I wish there were easy answers. I wish that crack or meth never existed. But there aren't and they do. What do we who call ourselves friend or Christian do? Do we look for the easy way out, do we act haphazardly thinking we are providing help, but in reality enabling the addict? Or do we love, complete with sacrifices and hurts? I challenge each person reading this that knows of a person dealing with addictions to think about if you have enabled an addict, or if you have really helped them in their time of need. I challenge you to think about what real love it. I would challenge you to practice it. Then, and maybe only then, will true help and change begin to take place in the lives of those who need it most.

To see one of the best sites I have seen dealing with drug addiction go to:

To see what my Easter Suncay was like read the following:

This morning, I got up and got ready for church, reviewing my message for today and realizing that while we may have to go through life with all kinds of pains and pains in the rear, Christ is still there.

Shortly before church I get a phone call from a friend. His wife has been out all night which is not a good thing because she has been using meth and crack again. They have 4 young daughters and he has just started a new job where he is supposed to be at work today. So much for getting off on the right foot and being a good employ.

On the way to my daughters house for Easter dinner I notice 4 police cars next to this friends house. I stop ask the cops, are you all here for so and so. They respond yes, go in and see her but leave my son in the car.

I go in, she is there alone, high as all get out with a battered face. A lot of things to suspect, certainly not believing what she is telling me. After a few moments the husband comes in. He has taken a load of clothes and his daughters to his mothers house. He is filing for divorce tomorrow, has been a hard long journey and he just cant take it anymore.

I spend time with the wife, trying to talk sense into her but she won't listen. She was a young beautiful woman that looks like she has turned into a crack whore. Outside a miracle of God she wont be alive in 3 months. I know these things because this is the world I live in. The miracle of God will have to include likely inpatient care. She says she is open to it but I have heard this story before.

I end up getting to my daughters house a couple hours late. I call many within the church, find out that many of them don't get it either, they have been giving her money for gas, or food, which has enabled her to have money for drugs or a way to the crack house or places where she can sell herself.

Was it a Happy Easter? Yea for some, but, I was reminded of the need for the crucifixion and resurrection. There are many still fighting battles, and truth is, many make all kinds of excuses to not care for those that need the love the most. Was it a Happy Easter? Yes He is risen, but not so we can sit on our butts. If youre doing drugs and having all of the fun with the parties, come to my house so I can show you the consequences of having a good time.

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