Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well here I sit tonight, at home, alone. My wife is out doing a Party Lyte Party, and my son is spending the night with a wrestling friend. He is leaving for our house in Oklahoma tomorrow morning with some friends for the weekend. I go down Monday morning, or Sunday afternoon for a week of R&R and Ministry to the inner city and down and out in the Tulsa area.

Sitting here thinking tonight, “Man I miss the old days.” You know those old days don’t you? The old days of friends that are closer than the keystroke of a computer screen. Going out and getting into trouble, going to a movie, sitting in a parking lot and talking about the world, and all kinds of other things. I remember the conversations on everything from UFO’s to the existence of God. From talking about the problem with girls, or the ways the government was getting one over on us. Yea, these were the conversations that would sometimes go on all night long.

I miss those days, don’t know why, I never did like getting up at 2:00 in the afternoon the next day. Wasn’t especially pleased with waking up with a little headache from having a little too much to drink or smoke. Yet, despite those stupid things I did, I still miss those days.

I think one of the problems now a days is that we take the concept of friendship too lightly. We use the word, but we don’t live the meaning. Yea, I have 400+ friends here on MySpace, some are legit, and some are not. All are acquaintances. For some reason I want more, I think we all do, but maybe I am alone in this.

Tonight I see a post about someone who is thinking about suicide. Yea there is the religious response, you know, the one that says basically get saved and all of your problems will be solved. I wonder what Christian life these people live sometimes. In my 47 years of life now, I just haven’t found that to be true. Life still sucks sometimes, and the truth is I still think Jesus did more than preach to people.

I had an atheist today tell me, “A Christian who don’t want to argue all the time.” Yea, that’s me, never could figure out what that solved anyway. I see the person of Jesus with tax collectors, prostitutes, drunks, the homeless and on and on. I kind of wish I had the car or a good public transport tonight I might just hit up on that idea myself. Not to the full, but at least in the way Jesus did. Yea, friends, are they real? I don’t know, anyone in Wichita want to go out tonight? How about tomorrow night? How about any night?

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