Saturday, March 31, 2007

How Dare They Ruin Christmas

As I was working on this series I was amazed at how many videos and Christmas references there are that some would consider irreligious, even sac religious. At first I had a few harsh feelings, but as I have progressed I have realized things are far more complicated than I realized.

I have come to accept, no matter how crude some things are, no matter how much disrespect some may display towards Christmas, no matter what I think, it does not change the fact, and God sent his son to provide a means of salvation. With that understood, and the liberty I am given, I realized God is God and I am not.

I have come to another understanding though, God has the potential and ability through his Spirit to use people like Twisted Sister, even an animated television series like South Park, to get people to think about the ultimate gift that causes the world for at least one day a year to shut down. That is right; God even uses people like Dee Snyder to sing about the Glory of God and the Gift at Christmas.

To me, this all says something beyond my ability to accept or reject some of these videos as appropriate or not. It says something about God using whatever he chooses. Even though some may have done something they never intended to be used for good, God can get someone to think about the Birth of Jesus and what the Christmas Season is all about. Whether using Santa or Jesus as a backdrop, it does not change the fact that the world is giving notice to the reality of Jesus Christ.

I will leave it at that other than to say that some of these videos are not for children. There will be some Christians who will have trouble with some of them. If you are one of those, feel free to email me as to the content of a particular video. I will try to reference those in the title of the video, but ca not guarantee what will, and will not offend you. Now for others who are not Christians enjoy these videos, enjoy the humor, but think about the effort so many make to point towards and comment on the person of Jesus Christ, and his birth. Even look at the respect some give in their effort. I actually was surprised for example at the Twisted Sister Video and was actually quite pleased. Some of you may be as well.

Now some will know that now comes the promo for The Virtual Pew, if you want to skip over it and go directly to the videos that is fine. If you want to read what is here, which I would hope you would pray and think about what you read. Now to the advertisement for The Virtual Pew, then the videos, the ones some say have ruined Christmas.

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A Beavis & Butthead Christmas Special from MTV. This is the full version and if you do not know these two characters and are easily offended, stay away.

Weird Al Yankovic Christmas at Ground Zero. A lot of folks are critical of Weird Al, but this video says so much more than some realize.

Twisted Sister O Come All Ye Faithful. I love this video, who would have ever thunk it?

South Park Christmas, I have to admit, I love this show. It will certainly offend some if you do not know what is going on.

D Ali G Christmas Confession: You may know this guy from the current movie Borat. Again, not for everybody

Cartman from South Park sings O Holy Night, I am sorry but I ca not help but laugh at this one. Cartman singing O Holy Night is something else.

Futurama Christmas Song, I personally do not like this show, so for those who do, this is for you.

Pussycat Dolls and Carman Electra sing Santa Baby, now some will like this one for the wrong reasons, so do not watch it if you are one of those.

That 70's Show Christmas 1/3 There is actually a lot of good commentary here. I like this show, I hate this show, go figure.

That 70's Show Christmas 2/3 There is actually a lot of good commentary here. I like this show, I hate this show, go figure.

That 70's Show Christmas 1/3 There is actually a lot of good commentary here. I like this show; I hate this show, go figure.

Destiny's Child 8 Days of Christmas, another that some guys especially should likely stay away from.

Bo Bice & Joan Osborne Baby it's Cold Outside. These two actually do a nice rendition of this song, which I happen to like.

Blackadders Christmas Carol 1/5 Staring Rowan Adkinson AKA Mr. Bean. I actually liked this as well as anything I linked up this year.

Blackadders Christmas Carol 2/5 Staring Rowan Adkinson AKA Mr. Bean. I actually liked this as well as anything I linked up this year

Blackadders Christmas Carol 3/5 Staring Rowan Adkinson AKA Mr. Bean. I actually liked this as well as anything I linked up this year

Blackadders Christmas Carol 4/5 Staring Rowan Adkinson AKA Mr. Bean. I actually liked this as well as anything I linked up this year

Blackadders Christmas Carol 5/5 Staring Rowan Adkinson AKA Mr. Bean. I actually liked this as well as anything I linked up this year

SCTV Dusty Towne Holiday Special, this is a parody of a lot of Christmas specials. It is definitely going to offend some, remember this is from SCTV

Baby It's Cold Outside Fan Video this is my favorite video I have seen on YouTube, I hate to put it here but is one some will be critical of from a Christian perspective. To those, I do not care; this young lady did a great job.

Tom Waits Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis, do not let the title throw you off, this is really a great video

The Four Squeezins Play a Christmas Medley, I love this one, it is actually a tribute to the talents some may have and do not realize it.

I love George Thorogood Rock N Roll Christmas; of course I love George Thorogood

12 Pains of Christmas Fan Video featuring Bob Rivers Popular Christmas Song.

Dandy Warhols Little Drummer Boy is a very different rendition of this song.

Rap All Stars Last Christmas, already did a blog on this song, but now Rap All Stars

Kylie Minogue Santa Baby. I do not know why I like this song, but I do and this is a pretty good rendition of it.

Fans Chipmunk Christmas that is done pretty well

George Harrison on Rutland Weekend Television, I miss George

South Park Christmas Time in Hell, South Park even finds a way to get Hell to celebrate Christmas.

Adam Sandler The Christmas Song, I like Sandler, this is pretty good.

Jimmy Kimmel Mike Tyson Winter Wonderland, this is so bad it is great.

Bob Rivers The Twelve Pains of Christmas, another fan video

Bunnies Act out A Christmas Story, I love these 1 minute stories

A Jingle Pet Song, I do not care who you are, this is great and funny.

Stella Shorts Office Party, a Christmas short that is pretty cute and well done

Only Fools & Horses Christmas Trees More British humor.

Monty Python Christmas in Heaven, it is Monty Python

Outkast Hey Ya Charlie Brown Christmas, I really like the band and the rendition, as a bass player myself, I do have issue with the bass player in the video.

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