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Am I going to Hell Because I love Rob Zombie and Sky Lopez?

Wow, I cannot believe it, not a week goes by where I don't get at least 2 "Christians" asking me about my comments about Rob Zombie, becoming critical of my support of his talent, trying to convince me that I am wrong, and then some ultimately leaving my friends list because I see value in someone like Rob Zombie. Then there is the friend I have at MySpace, Sky Lopez, what would I be doing with a porn star as a friend? I thought it would be a good time to address some of these issues in my blog. I'll also be posting some blogs with a Halloween theme this month, starting off with the review I did for the movie The Devil's Rejects. The review tells about his movie, and has a great article regarding Christians and Horror attached to it.

I will comment much more on Rob Zombie as that is where I get the bulk of my questions. Of course I have been praying a great deal lately for Sky Lopez as well. The young lady has made change in her life and whiile she has some growing to do, I find it much more appropriate to pray for her than be critical of her. Lord knows, she is an example of how we as Christians often fail to love.

Here is the facts, I appreciate Rob Zombie, and consider him a gifted person that for whatever reason I have always appreciated. I like the fact he addresses spiritual issues in his music and movies. He is not always critical of Christians, although some Christians assume he is the devil incarnate. Normally the issue of "promoting" Rob Zombie comes up in the conversations; "Why would I as a Christian promote someone like Rob Zombie?" "Why do I encourage people to see his movies?" These are questions I am asked over and over.

Here is the strange thing; I have never "promoted" or "encouraged" people to see his movies although I think he is one of the most creative geniuses on the planet. I do believe I can appreciate his giftedness, and talents, which I believe was given by God. There is a deep theological concept here about who gives gifts and talents. I also believe he has seen a side of Christianity that while Christians may hate it, is true. Unfortunately their actions of boycotting him, ridiculing him, making assumptions about him give credence to the commentary of Zombie regarding Christianity. I have heard from other Christians I don't know how many times out of the same breath, the need to condemn him while saying they love him and will be praying for him. Frankly, and don't get me wrong, I just don't understand this line of thinking. Condemnation, mixed in with love and prayer. I know many use the old cliche, hate the sin, love the sinner, but in reality, and in practice, there is a fine line there that the overwhelming majority of Christians seem to cross. I say love the person, and let the Holy Spirit convict the person of the sin. Of course we have areas we can't be involved in, nor should we, but Jesus was cautious to condemn, seems to me that if being like Jesus we should be careful as well.

I won't take the time to get into long Scriptural discourses here, but will say, one of the things I often come back on is it is nice to keep some of the same type of company that Jesus kept and be accused of the same types of things he was. You know things like hanging out with drunks, prostitutes, eating the wrong things, not being religious enough and on and on. How often we forget those actions of Jesus and find excuses to not do the same types of things he did. I have also noticed that some were critical of Jesus because he wasn't religious enough. I have seen that happen in my own life and am grateful that I see the difference between religion, which I don't care much for, and relationship, which is what I think Christianity is supposed to be about.

I'll never forget the times I was working with Rob Cassels Band, (AKA Rob Castles) and we were doing quite a bit of work with Steppenwolf. During this time, John Kay and some of the guys in the band were getting to know us, trusting us and spending time with us away from the times we were playing. I will also never forget the times we upset a number of Christians because we would not give John and the guys in the band Bible salvation tracts given us to give to them. You would have thought we had just been involved in one of the great heresy teachings of all time by the way some Christians treated us. I'll tell you though; our lives and witness from the relationships we exhibited around them had more of an impact than any tract we could have given out. There would be questions as to why we wouldn't do dope, wouldn't get drunk, why we actually enjoyed the time we spent around fans and more. In that observation not just from Steppenwolf, but from various other bands, people in those bands were amazed and would enter into spiritual conversations where we openly shared about Jesus. There was more of an impact from showing love, with no judgment, than any tract or sermon we could have ever preached. Why, because they experienced Jesus as opposed to just hearing about him. I will tell you, I have good reason to know people need to experience Jesus.

Does anyone remember the verse of scripture; the gates of Hell will not stand against our attacks. In fact, we as Christians are to take on the same mannerisms, the same actions as Jesus into battle, we have nothing to be afraid of from the development of relationships with those who aren't Christians, because greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world. That don't mean don't stay prayed up and don’t stay studied up in Scripture, it just means we should have a desire to be taking Jesus love to those who don't follow Christ. We should be about building bridges of understanding as opposed to throwing stones. Jesus was about building bridges, not throwing stones. We say we aren't throwing stones, but the world we say we are trying to reach sees us standing there, holding stones, and out of our mouths we spew hate in the disguise of love while still holding the stones they fully expect us to hurl their way. No wonder we can't reach them or keep our own in church. We are not consistent in our lives and still have not learned how to love the unlovable, not just in word, but in action and deed.

Here are some verses to think about regarding this Jesus I would encourage those critical of Christians and the way they judge, and or Christians who think we are appropriate for shunning the world to take a look at these verses. At the conclusion of the verses is a little more commentary, not much but read on through the end.

Luke 15:1-32

John 3:16
Acts 5:14

John 19:15

John 3:17

Luke 19:10

Luke 5:29-32

John 4:13-26

John 8:3-11

Luke 7:36-50

Mat 21:28-32

I make some of the following themes a little easier for some, this will require less study.

Jesus perspective on children, and our own attitudes related to them, even their willingness to be innocent and not afraid of interacting with others. I would challenge on this one to notice how a child loves unconditionally. Of course that don't mean we should be like children in every way, but I say far more ways than we normally are in regards to how we treat other people.

Matthew 19:13-15

Matthew 18:1-4

Jesus and his love towards the poor, and what that meant in that culture. Remember the poor were judged not just for their poverty, but in a spiritual way. Religious people were told to have nothing to do with the poor, to stay away from them by many in society, including religious leaders who had perverted God's law for their own usage.

Matthew 11:1-5

2 Corinthians 8:9

Jesus attitude towards the sick; I could mention many of the same things here that I did regarding the poor..

Matthew 14:13-14

John 4:4-42

Matthew 28:19
Acts 15:9
Jesus was a friend to sinners, not just in a preverbal sense but in a real way.

Romans 5:6-8
John 1:29
1 Peter 1:18-19
Jesus message to the sinners and those who weren't religious. What did he say, look at what the Bible really says here.

Acts 2:38
Acts 13:38

Romans 1:16

None of us are any better than anyone else, no matter what we might think. In fact putting ourselves above others in any manner is sin. That is what it is when someone says, we shouldn't pray for, care about, and develop relationships with people like Rob Zombie, Sky Lopez or on and on.

Romans 3:9-12

Romans 3:23

Isaiah 64:6

Hebrews 4:15

Jesus, despite the company he kept called us to be his friends, and thus hang out with his friends. Ever notice that there were always crowds around Jesus, consisting of all kinds of people, ever stop to think that some of those "bad people" came because they had relationships with "good people" who had invited them along.

John 15:13
Matthew 11:28-29

Mark 16:15-16

Matthew 28:18-20
1 Timothy 2:4

John 15:14

Matthew 7:21
There are consequences of not serving and loving those whom Jesus calls Friend. It is amazing how we will promote things like soup kitchens, homeless shelters, but then have a different standard for those folks and real folks who are also real, but just happen to be in the spotlight.

Matthew 25: 31-46

I could have used many more verses, verses that talk about how we are supposed to be attacking the gates of hell instead of letting it attack us. I could have made my point more by spelling every little thing out from Scripture that is clear as to who and how we are to love. But..., it is pretty important you do some of that search yourself if you have doubts. As for me, I'll say this, if my love and passion for the person of Rob Zombie and people like him is promotion of Rob Zombie, it should be ground breaking news that the biggest promoter of Rob Zombie has isn't Mike Furches, but Jesus Christ. Maybe it is time we quit throwing stones and start showing people real love in the same way Jesus did, including admiring their gifts, and seeking to show them love instead of hatred wrapped in the costume of love, just as if it were some Halloween costume seeking to do the ultimate of tricks on a unsuspecting searcher of truth. I'm not telling you to all of a sudden start your journey of reaching out to people like this. Get rooted and grounded in the things of Christ first, then listen to his Spirit as you seek out to develop relationships. I will assure you, they aren't just for the holy righteous crowd, but for those who need to hear the message of Christ. They come in all walks and all vocations. See the gifts and abilities that God has given. Then, after starting off in a positive place, a place where you see them in the same way Christ saw them, maybe, just maybe, you will be more effective, and judged less by those who don't know Christ. Let the Holy Spirit do his job, and you do yours, love!

Now for those who read my comments who don't follow Christ, don't take this the wrong way, I see you as having just as much value as the next person. I see people the same. I just want you to know, what you have experienced from many Christians isn't the Christianity Jesus wants to be shared. I firmly believe, and know, most of you have no issue with Jesus, it is the people who say they follow him. I hope and pray, I can be a light or example to those searching for truth that at least not all Christians follow the mold of hypocrisy on these types of issues. Sure I have enough of my own faults, and have made my own share of mistakes, but I hope people have seen and know I march to the beat of a different drummer than most pastors, ministers, Christians, people. Blessings to all, and as have many have found out, I always take the time to respond to personal messages.

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