Saturday, March 31, 2007

Those Darned Christmas Carols

I often find myself torn between what style of music I listen to. I tend to be more of a Rock N Roll guy but find myself at times enjoying older styles of music. It is likely true for most of us to one extent or another to enjoy different styles of music. Of course, when it comes to church music we open up a can or worms. Truth is, most people simply don't like what is considered traditional church music. Or can they and just don't realize it?

I challenge that most of us, especially during this time of year are more flexible than we realize. My point is the acceptance of old Christmas tunes, which are nothing more than traditional church hymns. I have a number of friends who are not religious or practice any faith at all, some are Atheists. Yet, on this issue, I am surprised at how many Atheists and non religious friends I have who enjoy Christmas. Most, even go as far as tell me how much they enjoy Christmas Carols during the holiday season for the peaceful and loving message they give. We are all eclectic even if those tastes present something that does not always agree with us.

This Christmas, I challenge each person to listen to the words of the Christmas carols. While some were be written during a time they used language we don't understand, I challenge it is worth a little searching to discover the meaning of those songs, and the intent of their writers. Two years ago I did this for John Newton, the author of the song Amazing Grace. What I found out about his life was amazing and I can not help but think of his life when hearing Amazing Grace. I dedicated my wife's video of Amazing Grace to the memory of John Newton. I am certain we can find similar stories in the authors of the carols.

While some carols are done in a different way, with different arraignments, the words are still the same. O Come All Yea Faithful has the same intent if sung by Twisted Sister, or Johnny Cash. Their interpretation may vary but the words are consistent to praise the birth of Jesus, and the need to worship him.

While I will not be posting all of the carols on this blog, I will be posting a good number of them. Go back over the last days and weeks to find other carols on other blogs. Of course I will try to put all of the videos on one super blog in the next few days. Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the blogs and sharing them with your friends and family.

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The Slackers Little Drummer Boy presents a newer but enjoyable rendition.

Claymation Christmas We Three Kings

O Holy Night Alred Jones

Vienna Boys Choir Silent Night

Jag Music Video O Holy Night

Kelly Rowland Do You Hear What I Hear

Peter Paul & Mary A Soalin

David Bowie Bing Crosby Peace On Earth Little Drummer Boy

Nsync O Holy Night

The Clark Sisters O Come Emmanuel

Olivia Newton John Silent Night

Josh Groban O Holy Night

Mariah Carey 1994 Joy To The World

Mariah Carey Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Billy Gilman O Holy Night

Judy Garland Silent Night

Mary Did You Know

Carrie Underwood O Holy Night

Carol of the Bells by Claymation Christmas Special

Jessica Simpson O Holy Night

Take 6 Live Joy to the World/Christmas Meley

Silent Night Gackt & Ayumi

George Winston Arrangement Carol of the Bells

The Little Drummer Boy Television Special

O Holy Night David Phelps

John Denver Little Drummer Boy

Trans Siberian Orchestra O Holy Night

A Little Drummer Boy, Slide Show Fan Video

Jessica and Ashley Simpson The Little Drummer Boy

Fantasia Peace on Earth

Gareth Gates Silent Night on CD:UK

1997 What Child is This by Aaliyah at the White House

Carol of the Bells Christmas House Lights

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