Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Sins of American Idol and Sanjaya

Here goes, I didn’t really plan to weigh in on this topic of American Idol and the longstanding of Sanjaya but after a few days of thought I can’t help myself.

I have to admit from the get go, I have enjoyed this seasons episodes of American Idol and our TIVO is set to record every program that airs. Despite what some may say or think, I for one believe this seasons contestants are pretty good, especially the ladies. While in the past there have been some rather generic performers, there is a uniqueness and quality about some of the performers this year that has me watching, and once some of the CD’s are released, you will find me buying.

The ladies are as a group, pretty incredible, especially Melinda Doolittle. I will assure you, as soon as this lady has a CD available, I am going to be the first in line to purchase it. Not in a long time have I heard as soulful a singer as her. I think the judges have nailed it right virtually every show. As a musician myself, and one who has worked in the industry, the bottom line is that not only does this girl have a tremendous voice, she knows how to deliver a lyric. She knows how to make a song believable. How important is that? I don’t know let’s use former Wichitan Phil Stacey, and son of a pastor as an example. The young man has a great voice, but he just don’t know how to make the lyric believable at this point. I love his stuff, love his vocal style, but he just can’t compete. In fact, I suspect that tonight he will be leaving the show. Not that he is the worst among the group, he isn’t but he just don’t have that strong fan appeal that some of the others do.

Now to the talk of the show this season, Sanjaya. I have to admit, this kid in my opinion has gotten a bad rap. He is not nearly as bad as many in America has made him out to be. He is certainly quirky, and likely one of the weakest vocalist of the entire bunch over the last 3 weeks or so. That all being said, the kid can certainly entertain and in that regard one has to give him some credit. But is he American Idol material? I don’t know. I don’t know because while I and most of America recognizes that he is being perceived as a joke I think the biggest joke is not so much on him as it is the American public, at least the public that has taken an agenda under their wings and they are obviously flapping away.

Sanjaya, like no other contestant before him has an American populace voting for him just because they either spite the show, or they want to make a joke out of the program. While on the surface this may be somewhat comical, I personally believe it caries more negativity to it than one may realize.

Think about this, millions of viewers love American Idol. Truth is, for some it has added to the enjoyment of music and we have seen stars come about over the years. It is a format that allows some to dream and others to star in a way that may have never been possible without American Idol. On the other hand though, there are those who would mock the system, and have enough empathy to steal the dreams of some, while at the same time making a mockery of those who actually enjoy the show.

Let me ask, what would cause a person to get to the point in their life, where they would take action to ruin a show they don’t like anyway, make a mockery of an artist they don’t like anyway, and possibly, ruin a show, they don’t like anyway? There are even those like Howard Stern using his Satellite radio program to encourage people to vote for Sanjaya. There are even other groups that have started web sites, encouraging people to vote for no other reason to make a mockery of the television program and the rest of the American Public. To them, it is all one big joke.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of the show, but it reminds me of the ole television amateur hour where regular folks were given a shot at accomplishing their dreams. In a world where so much love is needed, I personally don’t understand why some continue to think that ruining the entertainment of some, and dreams of others is something they would take pleasure in. This isn’t so much a comment about the contestants on American Idol as it is a comment on those voting for Sanjaya just because they know he is the weakest remaining contestant, and in some ways they are making a mockery of the show. I challenge this, if willing to do that for a television show, I believe an individual is willing to do that to their friends, their family, and those among their faith or groups they participate in.

I belong to a faith system that requires me to love God and love humanity. As a part of that love there is the requirement of action. Action of standing up for what is right, and speaking out against that which is wrong. To willingly not care about the thoughts of others is in my opinion, just wrong. Is the issue Sanjaya? Heck no, the issue is a mentality that would not recognize, or care, even an attitude that causes things like Sanjaya to happen. An attitude that says screw you, I’m going to have it my way, and my way is all that matters.

Now don’t get me wrong, at least those reading this because of the American Idol connection. If you like Sanjaya, and you think he is the one you like best, by all means vote for him. If you watch the show in fact, vote for the one you like the best, my family does. But don’t vote for him just because you want to see the show fail, or you want to see a mockery made out of what appears to be a fair process. In fact, if you don’t like the show, watch something else if you must watch, leave the voting on the show to those who actually care.

Enough of my rant for today, while I like Phil Stacy, I expect him to be gone tonight and Sanjaya to remain. If it is because people vote to make a mockery of the show, and poke fun at the fans who enjoy it, shame. For those that say it doesn’t matter, tell that to the people who have been voted off because of the pro, let’s show them Sanjaya vote that has obviously taken place in the recent weeks.

Here is Sanjaya in a Church Choir Prior to American Idol

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