Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Merry Christmas!

There are always special television shows during the Christmas season. From music, to variety shows, and from animation to sitcoms, Christmas means enough to the industry to make sure they address it in their programming. Over the last weeks I have posted a variety of program features and today I am posting the last of the series programs. Do not take that the wrong way, there are still quite a few videos to be posted but I am wrapping up the segmented program videos. As I was doing this I begin to think; "What do the people involved in this programming think of Christmas?" "Do they really care for the holiday?" "Do they realize what the holiday is all about?" I guess in a lot of ways, those questions not only apply towards the people making the shows, they apply towards those of us watching.

People often look at the holiday and see if for something other than what it is. They forget the root of Christmas, is Christ, and the root of Holiday is Holy. When we say Merry Christmas, we reference Christ birthday whether we realize it or not. When we say Happy Holidays we are saying have a Happy Holy Day whether we realize it or not. I guess a question I could ask is; "Do we make a regular habit of speaking meaningless words?"

The sad truth is that more often than not this is exactly what we do. When asked; "How are you doing?" The general response is a simple, an often time's dishonest answer of fine. I know in my own life when asked this question, I have found out who cares and who does not by honestly answering it. It becomes clear, when not doing well, and telling someone I am not doing well when asked the question, they become uncomfortable because they were not expecting honesty. I do not know who that says more about, the person asking questions not wanting honest answers, or the person answering them and not being honest.

One of my favorite books of the Bible is James, it is a short book and anyone can read it in less than 30 minutes. One of the things people notice, especially if thinking about what they are reading, is how upfront the Bible is about our words having integrity, and the need to speak truth. James is not the only part of the Bible that talks about this, Jesus spoke it, Paul taught it, and many others talk about the value of words. With this strong admonition in the Bible, we still take this issue lightly. Then we wonder why we do not have the results or the relationships we desire.

I guess I could close with the question; "What do we want out of Christmas?" Are we like those people in the sitcoms, just going through the actions, pretending everything is wonderful and we really understand what the Christmas about? Or, do we speak with truth and integrity? Do we see value in what we do, and really try to apply the concepts from the Bible to our life? I guess I refer to the Bible because if we are going to celebrate and pretend to recognize what this day of Christmas is all about, doesn’t it make sense we would look to the book that tells about the one who is Holy, God, and about the one who the holiday is named after, Jesus Christ?

Maybe I am just trying to be too rationale. Maybe I am taking things too seriously. I don’t know, am I? Maybe we should be okay with being pawns in a society who is satisfied with loneliness, poor relationships, and broken families. Then again, maybe some of us want more we want all Christmas has to offer, not just the presents but a real understanding of the Prince of Peace, The Wonderful Counselor, The Giver of all Gifts, The Star of Bethlehem, The Son of God. I guess that can be the thing to think about with the videos we conclude with today. Are you like the actors or are you wanting to be different? After all, I hope life is just as Shakespeare described, you know the old saying; "Life is more than just an act."

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a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Wait. Isn't it just about Easter? Ahhh, yes, mayhaps you needs ta check your calendar!

No, I'm not makin' fun of ya, just kiddin' around.

Thanks for posting those videos! Actually, I don't use youtube 'cause it doesn't work well with dial-up... gotta wait like 40 minutes or something like that for a 6 minute video to open all the way... but i opened Dark Hollow. Pretty cool that video exists but I've gotta get me a copy of that audio!

Thanks again and God Bless!!!