Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Let It Snow

In some parts of the country, things are great, wonderful as usual. In other parts life is hectic. I guess I am aware of travel during the holidays because I used to get the opportunity to travel home, be with family and friends. I don't get that chance much anymore, but that is okay, it is a life I have chosen so I best not complain. A lot of the times when I would travel I would travel via air. In those days seemed faster, more reliable and it got me where I was going. Of course there were times I would drive, and now, I actually prefer driving as opposed to flying, of course both have their draw backs.

One of my favorite Christmas songs during the season is Let it Snow, of course if one is used to flying by plane or driving in certain parts of the country, snow, even during the Christmas season can be a pain. As I type this, people driving in northern Kansas on Interstate 70 west towards Colorado are among those that can tell you of the pains associated with snow. Those are not the only travelers complaining about snow though, today, airport travel all across the country is at a stand still because of the snow in Denver, a major hub to many cities across the country. The unfortunate thing is, you may be flying from Nashville to Miami and still have air delays based on the snow in Denver. That is especially the case if connecting flights involve planes that may have been tied to the Denver airport. Most all air travel is interconnected. I realize there are many people stranded at airports, especially where the snow is hitting who had plans for Christmas. It kind of reminds me of the old movie with John Candy, Plains, Trains, and Automobiles. There, John Candy and Steve Martin are stranded and have to hitch a ride with a polka band in the back of a shipping truck in order to get to Chicago. I imagine there are travelers looking for the same types of arrangements to get home for the holidays this weekend.

Some questions I have are, if you and/or I were stranded at an airport, unable to get home for Christmas or any other important day, what kind of day would we have? Would we still be able to have a "Merry Christmas" while stranded at a truck stop or airport because of the snow? For myself, it would depend, if with my primary family, wife, children, I think I could, if not, I honestly do not know.

I do not know if that is a good thing or bad thing. I think it is one of those things where there is no right or wrong answer. I know how important family is. I also think that family is important enough that God would understand if it was not the most joyful of days or times. Of course, there are opportunities and ways we could have good times; we would just have to exercise some innovative practices.

I am reminded of a time I was traveling with my uncle Larry who was a truck driver. I think we were up someplace in Virginia and we got stranded for a couple of days at a truck stop because of snow. Actually, it was more like a gas station but being stuck was a pain. My uncle Larry, thankfully, was never stuck up, still is not, in fact one might say he never met someone who was not a friend. I remember him talking to the other travelers. There were times being stuck was tough on him, but he found ways to bring others into conversations. As I look back on it, it was a time that was one of life's most memorable experiences.

I guess I learned more from my uncle Larry than I realized. My kids tell me they have noticed how easy it is for me to start a conversation with a stranger. "Papa has never met a stranger," my daughter has told others. "Papa can meet anyone, anyplace, and start talking about anything," my son has told his friends. I guess if I learned that, I learned that from my uncle Larry, the man my kids call Papaw Larry. Now I'll be sending this to Larry, so I know he will see it, so Larry thanks for teaching me how to have good times in tough situations. Now as the thousands of people read this, realize you taught me, so I can teach others, they can have a great time, even in tough situations.

That is the point you can have a great time, no matter the situation you are in. That is not to say all situations have to be fun, Lord knows I know they are not, but even in a tough situation, if looking, you can find ways to have a great time. This Christmas season, no matter how bad things get and in fact are, I know there is something positive to focus on. Sometimes you just have to look.

The last couple of days have been days I had to look for the positives. These have also been days I have failed, been a jerk around my kids, not appreciative towards my wife, and I could go on. Yet, I found a way to find purpose and make my Christmas much better. I have communicated with friends who I know care and wish me the best. Those individuals, Melinda, Swayz, Curtis, Rick, and I could go on, thank you. Then there are movies I have seen. The Nativity Story reminded me of the real meaning of Christmas the sacrifices Mary and Joseph went through in order to be obedient to God. Then there is Rocky Balboa that has reminded me to never give up, never quit loving, and never quit being the witness to others Christ wants me to. There are reminders all around us if we look.

Today, as we approach Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, be reminded that no matter how tough times are, you can still experience a wonderful and joyful Christmas. Often, Christmas blessings are not in things, they are in experiences. The experiences of loving a stranger, talking to a family member, seeing a movie that reminds us of things we need, or in any number of other things. We are all different, we all have different needs, but I bet God knows what it is that will help you. Look for it, enjoy it, and experience a wonderful day.

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