Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Faith In Film Series, Lost a Spiritual Journey

What makes Lost one of the most talked about, most viewed television series in television history? There are many who speculate, but few who have actually figured it out. Come to the next Faith In Film Series featuring Lost. We will be watching an episode of Lost and discussing the themes in that particular show. I think many will be surprised at the imagery and imagination behind this popular television show.

On a side bar, we will be starting next week with movies so the discussions will be more direct, not nearly as broad and shorter in duration. We will go back to television series on occasion but we want to throw out some movies for discussion and observation. More on that later in the week.

Another side bar, we had 11 people this last week and the numbers keep growing. If everyone who says they want to come do, we will have over 20 people. We will eventually be moving the group outside and to a larger space so be on notice for that. Until then though, you might want to bring an extra chair or even floor pillow. The times have been a lot of fun and I think anyone would enjoy the activity. Another new piece of information this week. We are starting next week with cooking out for a few of the Faith In Film groups. We will invite people to come early, cook some food on the Charcoal BBQ if they want and enjoy some added fun activity. Feel free to set up the following and pass along for information if interested. For those unable to attend, the themes and topics of discussion are posted within the next week of the featured program at The Virtual Pew pages and MySpace pages. We will be watching this week, Season 2 Episode 10 The 23rd Psalm.

Take care and see you this weekend.

Faith In Film Series

Saturdays at 6:00 PM
April 21 – Lost a Spiritual Journey
Season 2 Episode 10 The 23rd Psalm.

Please Note, No Small Children as Adult Themes are Covered.

Bring Movie Snacks and Refreshments.
Arrive Early for Choice Seats, Might bring a cushion for floor seats.

400 S. Georgie, Derby (Behind the Bowling Alley on Hwy 15)
For More Information Call: 316-788-1961 or -258-3952

We will watch the program and then discuss Spiritual Themes.

Future Meeting Dates (Dates in Bold are outside, cookout & Big Projection Screen)

May 5, May 19, May 26, June 9, June 16, June 23, July 14

What Is The Faith In Film Series? A type of Small Group with a focus on discussing spiritual truths that exist in the arts, not just film. We realize all truth comes from God and God’s truths are often spoken about in culture. Jesus used parables to teach spiritual truths. The Bible states, “He never taught them anything without first telling them stories.” Mark 4:33, 34. Movies, books, television, and music are the most popular form of storytelling today; using these media we will look for ways to deepen our faith as well as finding ways to share spiritual truths with the unchurched.

Your Facilitator: Mike Furches has been using the arts to share culturally relevant truths with those in the church, and unchurched for over 15 years. Recognized as one of the leaders across the country in this field he is adequately prepared to present this in a small group setting. Mike currently writes for one of the most visited review web sites in the world, Hollywood Jesus. He also facilitates and operates an online community of faith called The Virtual Pew.

What will we do? We will watch all kinds of movies, television shows, and listen to all kinds of music. The focus will be on popular arts within the non Christian sector. Some of these will be ‘R’ Rated and will include discussion while at times looking at adult themes.

Who can come? Anyone and everyone that is age appropriate. This is a great opportunity to invite unchurched friends or those who are open to these types of themes. Small children should not attend for obvious reasons. Media that has more of an adult theme will be announced in advance.

How often will we meet? 2 – 3 times a month. A calendar of meeting times will be made available. You can also access information about the events through and via making contact. You may also email regarding a schedule of events to

To see a film recap click on the link below. If the video is not showing up you can click here:

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Here is our contact information

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Wichita, KS 67217
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