Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Should I Run For President?

I honestly love politics. It is why I have placed a friend request for every presidential candidate here at MySpace. I have also subscribed to all of their blogs and will with a peeking interest read them, think bout them, and likely at times comment on them. To be honest, when doing the search this morning I found that there were some running for president that didn’t have that much more friends than I. Then again there were others who dwarfed me. I was impressed with the gloss and slickness of the pages of most of the candidates. I say most because ol Rudy has a private page and until he accepts me as his friend I can’t see or read anything about him. First notice Rudy, if wanting to impress people, having a private page for friends only is not a good place to start.

Here is a shocker, I love politics so much that I almost always vote and have been more active than that. Here are some givens for you. I was a delegate to the state convention one year for Jessie Jackson. It was in Kansas so it was a caucus system. I was also a delegate for Al Gore one year in South Carolina. I actually got to address the largest gathering of Democrats in a convention at that one. I spoke about the need for pro life Democrats and the need to not take a position on abortion within the platform. For those who would like to know, I got a standing ovation for that one. Then there was the time I actually ran for a State House Seat in South Carolina. I think I may be the only person who ever got the endorsement of both the NAACP and The National Right To Life in the same election. I got something like 46% of the vote before losing that election to a retired post master. It seems that going from house to house for all of those years made a significant difference when it came to getting to know the voters. Actually the guy was a good guy, but ended up losing the general election to a Republican.

Now over the years I have changed, and am kind of changing back again. Let me explain, after the election of Bill Clinton I changed my party affiliation to Republican. I for one am one where morality matters and while I understand others will disagree with me on this point, I just couldn’t bring myself to support President Clinton. I still hold to those values, but will say that President Bill Clinton was a much better president than many gave him credit for. The economy, and even the attitude of American’s wasn’t quite so bad as it is now.

Now over the years I have toyed with the possibility of someday running for office again, whether that be a school board member, representative, or even President. Now realize that the President thing is only a dream, it is only a slight, slight part of my thoughts. I realize I would really be someone different, who in reality would never have a chance at political office. I do value the concept of serving though; I love my country, but not as much as my God. I am a citizen of the United States of America, but primarily consider myself a citizen of Heaven. In other words, my faith, my whole faith, not a single issue of faith, is what has to drive me, I consider myself a Heavenly Citizen more than a United States Citizen.

I will say there are certain things I would love to see in a president though. I would love to see someone genuine, not afraid to say what they think without trying to be politically correct, or spin certain views and perspectives. I would love to see a real person, not some made up image of a person created by some political think tank. I would love to see someone where their faith was real, not just when it made a political difference. I would also like to see someone who understood the value of service, they genuinely want to be there without having to make a name for themselves. I really believe that when doing what is right for people, and our planet, that good things follow, and people remember. I would also like to see someone who values all people, men and women, and people from all political spectrums, and all races. Not just try to understand them, but value them. I would also want to see a president genuinely care for the poor, the needy, the Last, the Lost, and the Least. One who would see that when we honor, love, and care for the least of these, we have done as much for God.

I understand that a president doing those things mentioned above would have people who worked extremely hard to keep them from office, but I also believe there would be an abundance of people going out of their way, crossing political boundaries, to vote for them. How much of a chance would they have at bringing about change? I don’t know, you tell me! Personally, I think we need change in a lot more than just the president. We need change in our own lives where we care. Has society gone so far that individuals only care about themselves? Sometimes I think so, but there is always hope. Unfortunately, that hope in political systems seems to be fading to a point where we may have passed the point of no return. At that point, I have to focus my hope not on the political systems of the United States, but on hope that comes from serving God in all things, and loving all of that which he created. In that love, there may or may not be hope for the future on this planet, but there is certainly hope for the future beyond this planet.

I don’t know if I should run for President or some other office at some point? My faith system has changed over the years, I adhere to a theology that don’t place much hope on the political system. I’ll keep voting though as long as it don’t interfere with my faith practice, I’d just like to have someone I can believe in when I vote for them.

Now feel free to pass this along, repost, and all of that good stuff. I appreciate it when you do that. Now if there are any specific question as to my thoughts on any of the candidates for President, pass them along, I’ll tell you what I think at this point. If there are any plugs you would like to make for any candidate, pass them along, the dialog and discussion could be fun.

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