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Top Selling Author Creston Mapes on The Virtual Pew Live

Today I am excited to announce that Creston Mapes, author of the books Dark Star, Full-Tilt and the new release Nobody is going to be the guest on The Virtual Pew Live at The program starts at 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, and 2 PM PST and runs worldwide via the internet.

Mapes newest book Nobody is a story bout the underworld of Las Vegas. This well researched book is a page turner and one that will continue to lend to the respect Mapes has for his gritty novels dealing with Rock N Roll, Dark Star and Full-Tilt. Mapes addresses the need to reach out to the homeless and needy in the book Nobody. He is able to address world and spiritual issues in a way that has him among my favorite authors on the planet. That’s right, Creston ranks right up there with Dean Koontz, Ted Dekker, Renee Gutteridge, John Grisham, and several others.

I am excited about talking to one of the people I read religiously. He is one of the hottest new writers in fiction today for a reason. He simply knows how to tell a great story, insert spiritual truths and not be overly religious about it.

This conversation is sure to include everything from Rob Zombie, to drug addictions and then from Christians in Media to the Sopranos. You don’t want to miss this exciting hour of programming that is welcome to take your phone calls at (646) 716-8587.

The following is my review of the book Dark Star. If interested in purchasing those books, or Nobody, you can visit the store at

Dark Star Confessions Of A Rock Idol
By: Creston Mapes
Format: Paperback: 400 pages.
Publisher: Multnomah Pub (06/01/2005)
ISBN: 1590524721

Review by: Mike Furches

Not in a very, very long time, have I had as much joy and pleasure with reading a book as I just had with Dark Star Confessions of a Rock Idol by Creston Mapes. This book, the first of a three part series is in one word, G-R-E-A-T!

Mapes recently sent me Dark Star along with the second in the series book Full Tilt. I had had the book for a month or so and finally decided to give it a read. Well, to say the least, I couldn’t put the book down. Not only is Dark Star responsible for giving my mind a good work out, while working out at the gym, doing my cardio, it gave my body a work out. I didn’t miss a day at the gym until the book was completed and the read extended my workouts on the exercise bike for the longest time frame in about 3 years. I was so enthralled with the story in Dark Star, that my body literally forgot it was working out.

I love Rock N Roll as is evident from my past experiences. Unfortunately, in most “Christian” circles you see the genera knocked down and ridiculed, the truth is that what has been written in the past, from a Christian perspective, including the novels has been largely trash. Not worth the trees it took to make the books. Dark Star is as far on the opposite end of that spectrum as one could imagine. It is a breath of fresh air, that not only Christians will read and enjoy, but so will those who simply love a good story, whether Christian or not.

Mapes does as good a job of story development as anyone I have read since Ted Dekker, Rene Gutteridge, Dean Koontz, and Tim Downs. He understands the importance of characters the reader can relate to. It is why all kinds of people, no matter what their religious persuasions will enjoy these books. They will find someone in the story that they can relate to, thus drawing them deeper into the story.

Dark Star revolves around Everett Lester a young man growing up in a troubled family. His father doesn’t understand the concept of love. As a result Everett turns at an early age to Rock N Roll. What transpires is every boys or girls dream who has ever dreamt of being in a Rock N Roll Band. He along with several friends forms the group Dark Star and the rest is legend. All of the stories about Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll are found to be true and Everett indulges in all of them as much as is humanly possible.

Everett Lester is an individual we see as searching though despite his own indulgences. He is searching for meaning and truth in life, he realizes his escape mode and just don’t know how to get out of it. It is through his association with Endora Crystal, a popular psychic to the stars that the story unfolds. Creston mixing in murder, mystery, the occult, hypnotism, a trial, and Rock N Roll has written one of the great stories of the last year. What we have is a page turner that will have you laughing, crying, angry, sad, and every other imaginable emotion that you can think of.
Dark Star is not just a book that is a fun read; it is a book that will cause you to reflect on your own life, and your own journey. What role have others played in the development of your personality? How much are you willing to compromise truth for your own self gratification? What is the reality of consequences for your actions? And on and on questions are asked and the reader provoked into thought. One of the beautiful things about this book is that not only does it ask the questions; it dares to give the answers to those questions. It gives the answer in such a way that some will appreciate and have life changing experiences, and others will scoff at and go on in their own way, experiencing their own reality of never experiencing joy of fulfillment.

I can’t think of any author right now that I would rather read than Creston Mapes. He has earned a spot right up there with Ted Dekker, Rene Gutteridge, Tim Downs, Dean Koontz and I could name numerous others.

The book was so good, that it wasn’t 5 minutes after finishing it that I picked up and started reading the next book in the journey Full Tilt. I appreciated them both so much that I listed them in my Virtual Pew Store for sale. I became not only a reviewer of this work, but a fan, and that is saying something. I can’t think of any book I can recommend more than Dark Star. If you are wanting a good read, while at the same time getting some valuable nourishment you could do yourself well by visiting the Virtual Pew and ordering a copy.

On a scale of 1 - 10, for one of the most enjoyable reads of my life, I give an energetic and exciting, very rare 10.

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