Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chicken House

Here goes, some of you know about some life changing decisions as of late for my family and I. Between job searches to tent make and help The Virtual Pew survive, to looking for jobs out of state, in state, local and so forth a lot of things going on in life. Here is where I am at for the moment.

My family will be staying in the Wichita area until at least the end of the school year, hopefully longer. I am out of job discussions in Roswell New Mexico, guess I was too alien. There are still some thought in a Panama City Florida position, I interview in Clay Center Kansas, about 2 hours North of Wichita this weekend, and have had a couple of meetings and interviews with a local ministry in the Wichita are. Plus there is still the possibility that things keep on going with The Virtual Pew depending on the gifts that come in. The last two are things we are actually praying for as it would allow me to stay in the area, keep The Virtual Pew going full force, and allow me to enjoy a new house we have signed a lease on, and will from there likely go to either a lease with option to buy, or buy right out option. We have to do the lease thing first to make sure we get to stay in the area, by the way, pray that God works that out as he has already done some incredible things.

Let’s talk about the new house and a little description. I am a strange cookie. If I were actually a cookie I would be a cross between a Key Lime and Oatmeal Raisin cookie. I never liked chocolate chip and I am unconventional. I have a pretty active social conscious, always have, and have for most of my life lived in the city with a few exceptions. I love it, love downtown apartments where the concrete jungle becomes the playground. I have always kind of longed for a country experience, one I tasted for awhile with my Aunt Ruth in Middle Tennessee but one short lived.

In all of the hoopla going on in our community, between the move, and a number of other things, we realized the need to move. I was kidding with my wife, “I would love to find a place in the country, maybe have a few horses, some goats, and yes, even some chickens.” She liked everything except the chickens’ part of it. Over the last weeks we have leased a house and in the country. We don’t even know if we will have cell phone coverage the house is about 5 miles South of South West Wichita, complete with a garage/barn and a place to have livestock. The house, an underground house is one we love. We actually looked at several places in the Clearwater Kansas area. It is three times larger than the house we are in, three times more storage, on acreage, and all for a whopping $100 more a month, plus no trains 10 time a day or so within 200 yards of the house. In fact, the nosiest things we will have to deal with are the sounds of crickets and other things late at night. We will even get to see stars, an unknown commodity for those living in the city. There is enough land for two horses, 3 or 4 cows, 3 or 4 sheep, a couple of goats, and chickens.

When I first mentioned the chicken part, my wife wasn’t happy. She kept saying, “Horses okay, maybe even a couple of goats, but no chickens unless you have someplace to keep them.” Well on first appearance there was no place to keep them.

This last week, I was walking around the property, trying to figure out what was ours, what wasn’t and all of that kind of fun stuff. Between walking around the barn, horse stables and stepping in and out of the manure pits I decided to take a walk to the back of the house to look at the well house. Remember the house is underground, a good thing in Tornado Alley. While walking I thought I would take a look at the well house. I walked to the little 10 by 10 shack, kicked the rock from the front door, opened up the screen and low and behold, I had a chicken house. I started yelling and smiling as big as a boy in a candy store at Christmas time with all of the money in the world. My wife comes around the corner of the house, sees me smiling and says to me, “What’s up?” I responded with a smile so big my speech had to be impeded, “I got me a chicken house!” I stated as my wife frowned, “You what?” My smile getting bigger and bigger and my speech patterns and tone so overjoyed one would have trouble detecting what I was saying unless you had been married to me for over 26 years, “I got me a chicken house, that means I get to get me some chickens.” My wife’s response was expected. “Good Lord!” This was all she could say, realizing she had stated the only reason I couldn’t have chickens was because I didn’t have a place to keep them. I can only imagine, and pray, I get to stay in the house to enjoy fresh meat, fresh eggs, and the little chickens running around.

Truth is, life goes on, even in difficulty. Sometimes we put conditions on things, sometimes, thinking there is no way. I don’t know the future in much detail as there is a lot to be decided. I do know I am excited about the possibility of staying in this area, the possibility of a job that allows me to do some work to keep The Virtual Pew Going, plus the hope of living in a little country house, maybe a horse or two, and you got it, chickens. Some say be careful what you ask for, you may just get it. Let me tell you this, when it comes to asking God for things, I think there is hope, ask carefully, you might just get it.

I am going to train my chickens to do this, if you see the video double click, if you don't just click the link below:


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