Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghosts, Ghouls, Demons, The Paranormal, and Spiritual Perspectives

Today I am doing a blogtalkradio program at on the topic of Ghosts, Ghouls, Demons, The Paranormal and a Spiritual Perspective. As I have done some promotion of the topic, it is surprising how many jump to preconceived notions, even telling me how wrong I am to address issues like this. Let me give a little background if I may.

I actually begin study of the paranormal, ghosts, ghouls and demons back when I was very young. I was involved in Occult activity for a period of time in my life. While involved in this activity, I did some study, and just as CS Lewis, Josh McDowell, Lee Stroble and others were persuaded to become a Christian by their studies, I was persuaded to give up Occult activities as a result of my study.

An interesting thing about me, and for those that know of what I am speaking of, you will know why this is important. I also like to practice slight of hand, and have studied what I call entertainment magic. Now this is not the only form of magic I have studied but it is one I have studied for years. Several magicians I appreciate, (notice a magician as I speak of it is not involved in Magik) are Denny Koren, Andre Kole, I also appreciate The Amazing Randi and even Chris Angel who gets a bad rap and is misunderstood most of the time. Several of these, Koren, Kole and Randi have done a great deal of research on charlatans who report to have magical, supernatural, or psychic powers. What surprises many people though is there are many who don’t know about the Supernatural, and the power of persuasion, often times using tactics and techniques most magicians and entertainers have been aware of for some time.

I have actually been on ‘Ghost Hunting Expeditions’ and in a few rare cases seen things I could not explain. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of ‘Ghost’ or ‘Haunting’ hunts I have been on are easily explained. That does not mean all things unexplained are of the ‘supernatural’ realm. I do want to imply though, it is possible that a great deal of the ‘supernatural’ things people experience may in fact have a legitimate supernatural or spiritual explanation.

On Halloween at 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, and 2 PM PST, I am doing the live broadcast for The Virtual Pew Live. I am scheduling 2 hours for this program unless calls don’t come in. I intend to share stories, both fictional and factual, regarding this topic. I hope to have calls come in so we can discuss the topic. As usual, The Virtual Pew Live will welcome the calls from all faith groups, although I do present a Christian Worldview and perspective. All calls, unless trolls, will be treated with respect and given a voice to voice their stories or experiences, no matter what tradition they come from. I will discuss my views from a Biblical Worldview at the conclusion of the program for food for thought.

Now come listen to the program live, and call if you will. Of course the program will be available via archives and you are always welcome to listen to that or other programs in the archives. So before jumping to too many conclusions, listen up, call in, let’s talk about the issues and go from there. Hopefully the program will not only be fun and entertaining, it will also be educational and informative. It would really be great for Wiccans, Atheists, those in the Occult, and of course Christians to call in with their stories. Let’s discuss anything having to do with Halloween, Horror, Ghosts, Ghouls, Demons and the Paranormal. Thanks for the time, and please, no prejudgments until you have heard the program.

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