Friday, October 19, 2007

An Open Letter to Pastors, Business People, and those who know them.

As most of you know, at least those reading lately, The Virtual Pew Ministry has had a tough few months financially. So far there have been several who have sent money, prayers, and advice, all appreciated. I was given an idea last week and thought it good enough I write this letter. .

There are many who can’t give, and frankly I would advice against it for some because of where your finances are. It is amazing that many non Christians have supported the work we do because they know we do what we say we are going to do. In fact, I have to be honest, we have received more support from Non Christians than Christians. While I struggle some with this I am pleased to know that those we are trying to reach, knows, and appreciates the work we are doing. They and others realize our willingness to help those in need. I was reminded this week, there are other things people can do.

You can all pray, and never devalue the importance of prayer. I believe it is one of the best things you can do. There is something else though, let me explain.

This last week while visiting my Doctor he asked me about the ministry and how things are going. My Doctor, Dr. Tom Kline and I went to college together and he has been a great friend over the years. Tom has always been encouraging but he encouraged me to not give up on The Virtual Pew. He knows what we do and he suggested one of his brothers Tracey who is the Church Moderator at the large Mennonite Brethren Church in the community and I spend some time together. The two of them suggested some things I had not thought of.

Both Tom and Tracey reminded me that most businesses and churches are now establishing budgets for the upcoming year. They suggested I contact them to tell what we do at The Virtual Pew. From there we could try to get support from their organizations. I had not thought of this and believe each of you, whether a pastor, in church leadership, a business owner, or someone who knows someone in a church or owner of a business can pass along information about The Virtual Pew to be considered for ongoing support and being placed in their budgets.

If we could find enough churches and businesses that see this as a ministry worthy of support we would be able to go after our dreams and turn this ministry around.

This last Sunday we also had several people from the church we attend come to the house and spend time with us in prayer regarding upcoming decisions. I was reminded of a passage out of Isaiah that indicates we ask for what we need between the height of Heaven and the depths of Hell, or anything in between. I have always been open about what I would love to have financially for The Virtual Pew. Enough money to pay my salary, pay for the benefits, insurance, retirement, to be able to give 20% of our budget to various other ministries, and then have enough to hire one full-time coworker and another half time coworker. After a number of years, I would love to have enough so my wife could retire from teaching and do some other things she loves. If I was to ask for the high of highs for the ministry, this would be it. I was encouraged by those in attendance at our prayer meeting the, to ask for this.

Some may ask about the ministry requests, I will challenge, we are already doing that, reaching those who are not in church, have been hurt by the church or other Christians, and those who I call The Lost, The Last and The Least. Just this morning I have been helping an individual with spiritual and demonic issues. While some will have issue with that, the problems to the individual I am communicating with views the problems as real, and I suspect they are.

Another interesting thing happened Sunday night, every person prayed that God would provide in such a way to keep The Virtual Pew going while at the same time meeting my families’ financial needs. Everyone realizes the impact this ministry has, and the unique nature of ministry. It was a blessing to hear and each person will be sharing with others about the needs of The Virtual Pew..

That is what I am praying for, but I am ending my prayers as I believe we all should, “not my will, but the Father’s in Heaven.” That is really my prayer, I am sharing what we need, what I would love to see happen, but then reminding my self and others, it is what God wants that matters most. He is the one deserving of all Glory and Honor, and it is ultimately He and His Holy Spirit that do the work. I just consider it joy that God would choose to use me and others involved with this ministry.

What does this have to do with you? It is really quite simple; I am requesting this ministry, with the unique mission field, be considered for sponsorship on a regular basis from those in your church, and within the business owners who may also be Christian. I would challenge those businesses; do you share a portion of your profits with any ministry or charity work? If not, why not consider The Virtual Pew? Does your church provide support to missions’ organizations? I challenge you to find one that is as unique as The Virtual Pew or having the impact on lives as this ministry has had? I also challenge you, whether a business or church, to find any organization that has managed their money, and done what we have for the few dollars we have. A few dollars to a larger organization goes a long ways with ours.

I am aware that I may need to send churches, or business owners letters, may even need to visit them in person. I am willing to do that, at my expense, if serious consideration is given to the support of this ministry. I realize, many will overlook this letter, not even open up the email, many though who can help, or knows someone who can from church, or work, are reading this. You can pass this along to those on your email list, to your pastors, and coworkers. I assure you, there are numerous people who will read this that can help. God has used you to come through. This ministry has to have ongoing monthly support; it has to be seen for the effective ministry and mission it is. I ask you to prayerfully consider passing this along to your church, if a pastor consider having me come in or provide information as you establish your budget this next year, and if a business, to consider supporting a mission or organization which is making a difference.

If interested in helping in any of these ways, if needing material or to schedule a presentation, contact me at or at You can also call me at 316-788-1961. Among the material we can provide is copies of 2 brochures outlining the ministry of The Virtual Pew. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do, whether with one person with big pockets, or a group of people who come together to make a difference in the life of someone who needs The Virtual Pew.

Thanks for your consideration, and blessings on all you do.


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