Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh Where Are Youuuuuuuuu?

Some may be wondering, “Where has Mike been this week?” The answer to that is really quite simple.

I am leaving tomorrow for California. I will be speaking on Sunday at Heritage Bible Church in Bakersfield. The phone number for the church is 661-871-1212. The web site for directions and information about the church is: The address for the church is: 2323 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93306. I don’t know the number of times I will be speaking there, am sure of Sunday morning and possibly some through the week. One thing for certain is I will be doing ministry in the Bakersfield and Central California area while there. During the Sunday morning program I will be telling the Story of Anthony, a journey from drugs, gangs, abuse and homelessness to the discovery of love.

On Friday, July 6 I will be doing 2 presentations in San Jose at the San José McEnery Convention Center, Civic Auditorium and Parkside Hall while presenting at San Jose 2007 for the Mennonite Church USA Conference. There will be over 6,000 delegates in attendance for this conference. The web site for more information about this conference is: I will be doing presentations on Flicks, Movies, and Faith?

There is a lot you can be praying for until my return home on July 10. I am still trying to find a location to stay in San Jose for Thursday night July 5. My daughter is also presenting at the conference and I would love to be there for her. I am even open to sleeping on a cot or on the floor in someone’s motel room if need be. I would also like to take as much time as possible to develop contacts while there.

Be in prayer for the ministry that will take place at each presentation and that the Lord would open up doors for additional ministry while there. It is my desire to do ministry in situations like this as opposed to sitting around and vegging out. You can also pray regarding the finances of this trip. I only have one speaking engagement that will contribute to my costs. The presentations at San Jose 2007 don’t help cover any expenses. Hopefully this opens doors for ministry in the future. I will tell you, the presentation will be something and will open up many eyes and hearts as to ways individuals can share their faith with others in an effective way.

So, that is what I have been up to, getting paperwork ready, packing, washing clothes, finishing up presentations, all of that kind of stuff. It has been a little difficult this go around because my son is at the National Duals in Oklahoma City and I have been trying to keep up with that, and my wife is at a conference in Topeka Kansas. I have been a bachelor for the week, but have been able to get a lot of things done that I needed to get done. It has been difficult at times, and I realize my own need for family, friends and God. I believe I will have several encounters with people this next 10 or 11 days that will have me sharing that very fact, need of family, friends, and God. It may be on an airplane, maybe in a city park, maybe with a formerly abused individual in a hallway, but God has a way of showing us our weakness when we share his love with others. Be in prayer, truth is, I still realize my own imperfections and sometimes wonder why it is God has me at the place he does. I don’t always know the answers but I know God is going to do something this week, despite the financial sacrifice my family is making to continue this ministry, a ministry with a ton of expense this week, and little coming in financially to support it. Well at least that is the case for now, God always finds away to answer that problem as well.

Depending on how much luggage space and time I have, if able to pack the video camera I will shoot some video while there, and will get on the internet as much as possible with updates and keeping up as much as possible with The Virtual Pew.

On a closing note, I am now booking for Fall and Winter of 2007 and all of 208. Contact me for information regarding presentations. Talk soon, and again, thanks for the prayers and support. BTW, if you know anyone in the San Jose area who would help take care of me for a day, (actually just provide a place to spend the night) or any additional ministry opportunities between Bakersfield and the San Jose area I would appreciate it.

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