Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Son of a Friend Killed In Iraq, RIP Alex Funcheon

Approximately two weeks ago I sat down in my living room with Karen Funcheon, her husband Bob and their family friend Nicholas. The three of them were visiting regarding their start up of a prayer group specifically designed for soldiers serving in Iraq. They were aware of The Virtual Pew and the impact this ministry has had, and has the potential to have.

To say the least the meeting was exciting, not just for the potential of these two ministries to support each other but because of the infectious love for God this family has, and the obvious love they had for their son. They knew he was serving in a volatile area in Iraq and they knew he needed prayer. One of the things I was wanting to make certain of, is that when possible we had their web site linked to The Virtual Pew website so we could support each other. I don’t know why God has placed the impact for ministry with some of out troops serving in Iraq, but he has. That being said I want to honor that.

This isn’t a debate for or against the war. This is a plea to pray for a family that I have been praying for daily over the last weeks, and a son I have been praying for as the mother of that son gave me a card that has a photo of the son. He was scheduled to be returned home October of this year. While I and others have prayed for his safe return, the bottom line is, it isn’t going to happen.

This family supports this ministry enough that once the link is provided on the web site, that for every person accessing their page through that link they will donate $1 back to The Virtual Pew. To be honest, at times like this I could care less about money, but I am grateful that people like this appreciate this ministry enough to make that type of commitment.

My request is be in prayer for the Funcheon Family. Be in prayer for all of our troops, but not just the troops, but families that are back home.

To see more about this family and their story, check out the following link:

To visit the web site they had started that will eventually be linked to The Virtual Pew check out the following link:

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