Thursday, August 7, 2008

Neil Young, Better MPG To Help Your Bank Account, The Poor, and Lessons From Fargo

Now for those that actually read this, I actually do provide some information later on that has helped me, and will likely help you if you take advantage of the links provided. Just check those links out, see for yourself. There will also be some video to show some of the benefits of what I am speaking of.

I have to admit, I have been a little disturbed lately by some of the goings on in our world. After taking my annual July Hiatus I am back home after a visit to Fargo North Dakota. One of the things that stuck out to me right away was the current issues surrounding our economy, especially centered on oil and fuel prices.

As I traveled through the plains of Kansas and the Bluffs of Iowa I couldn’t help but think about the gas prices and the impact they were having especially on the poor. What had our society done? How could we have a good conscious about the fact that our government seemed to care so little about those so dependent on low fuel prices, affordable groceries, and utilities. From $3.89 a gallon to $4.17 my wife and I would pay the most we have ever paid for a gallon of gasoline.

Along the way between Wichita Kansas and Fargo North Dakota I would see things that provided a little hope, the windmill farms intended to supplement energy needs was one of those things, the large amount of hybrids on the road, plus an even larger amount of fuel efficient cars like my Yaris were on the road. The owners of these vehicles were doing their part in trying to help with the fuel situation. Then it seemed that the further north I got into Nebraska and the Dakota’s the more I noticed Ethanol fuels. While there is some debate on Ethanol and the usage of various forms of Ethanol apart from the usage of corn, there was little or no doubt about how corn products made at least the fuel prices less expensive. Of course, one of the problems with my Yaris is it is strongly recommended that I not use any gasoline more than 89 Octane, and for Ethanol that includes most as most Ethanol/Gas blends are 89 Octane and higher.

None of this helped relieve my concern though regarding the poor and the impact the current gas prices were having on them, heck not just the poor though, but all sectors of society, including individuals like myself.

From Exodus to Revelation, the Bible talks about the need to help, and provide for the poor. Unfortunately this is a concept many wealthy Christians have forgotten about. It isn’t just Christians who don’t believe in helping the poor though, that lack of concern crosses all races, cultures, economic groups, including the poor, as well as all belief systems. The bottom line, it seems to be popular in Western society to care for self, and to hell with those in need.

One of my favorite, non practiced Biblical concepts is the concept of Jubilee. We first read about this concept in the book of Leviticus. The concept basically involved helping and providing for the poor every seven years. There is more to it than that, but it is a concept that every 7 years, and every 49 years saw major adjustments and provisions for the poor involving finances, land and so forth. It is evident from this concept, and many others in the Bible that the poor have a special place in the heart of God. It isn’t just this though that caught my attention as I thought about the “oil crisis” around the world. I also thought about the depletion of oil resources and the seemingly limited supply of oil that our nation is so dependent on.

Obviously, depending on who you talk to the depletion of the oil sources on our planet are either real or imagined. That doesn’t change however the need to seriously consider a variety of alternative forms of fuel and energy sources. From conserving in what ways we currently can, to exploring additional resources we have to take steps that will ultimately keep prices down, again, not so much for the wealthy, but for the poorest of the poor. While some will argue, the additional need to drill for new oil sources, to the development of nuclear, wind, and other energy needs, we have to do what we can. For many of us, that includes maybe driving a little slower, making sure our tires are aired up, getting vehicles that take less fuel, and maybe doing something like use of public transportation, riding a bike or who knows, even walking. It is here that our family has made the decision to do several things that will help us do our part.

The first thing we did was purchase our Toyota Yaris. So far, this has been a very pleasant surprise, but more on this later. We are also doing things like having my wife car pool to her job some 14 miles away. While this may not seem like much, the 28 – 30 miles round trip shared with two people, thus reducing two cars making this trip will be of value. We are traveling less as well, doing things like making grocery shopping visits in conjunction with other trips, in other words trying to double or triple up on our duties when we do drive. If a store is on the way home, we shop instead of making that special extra trip. My daughter and son in law have purchased a scooter, motorcycle, and are walking more. I know of others riding the bus, and I have searched for ways to improve the mileage on the vehicles I have. It is there that I would encourage every reader to consider the following.

I recently became aware of a company in Wichita which is doing their part at helping with the fuel related issues. From their development of electric/gas hybrids, to their development of BioDiesel this company has worked at being on the forefront of energy and fuel conservation. While currently working on an electric/gas hybrid for Legendary Rock Star Neil Young of a 1959 Lincoln that will get 100 plus miles a gallon Goodwin Concepts has other products that can greatly enhance and likely improve the mileage and performance of most vehicles. Notice I said most, as some of the products may not work on all vehicles. With the warranties, testimonies and information provided though, most should be willing to give the products a try as there is little or nothing to lose.

I recently decided to give two of the products a try with my 2008 Yaris. The Enzyme Catalysts at $19.95 per 150 gallons of treatment proved to be well worth its costs. While the mileage hasn’t been consistent I have averaged between 41 and 42 miles per gallon. This improvement has taken place for a vehicle that has a Manufactures MPG of 36 miles per gallon. I have also added the Super Luber treatment and increased my MPG by 2-3 additional miles per gallon. This product is good for between 10,000 and 12,000 miles. This is pretty good for a new car with little wear on the engine. I have been so excited about the improvement I am anxiously awaiting to try it out on my 1998 Dodge Neon. I suspect that with the wear on that particular engine, I will see a dramatic improvement, even more so than what I have experienced on my Yaris.

Some may ask why the promotion of products like those mentioned above, simply put, it gives me some assurance that I am doing more to help with the consumption of oil products. The less oil products I and others consume the likelihood that prices go down and the more I can do my part to assist in this crises the better not only for me, but others. I realize many don’t care if they do this, I feel sort of sad for those people. It is amazing that people like Neil Young, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others have sought services from Johnathan Goodwin's conversion company H-Line Conversions and even gone so far as to trust them to develop high end biodiesel vehicles for them. I for one am personally grateful for individuals like this that are developing new products to help the public. There are those doing their part at helping with this oil crisis, and helping lessen the consumption of petroleum products.

The bottom line is I am hoping that those of us who can do something about the oil crisis, whether cutting back on travel, finding a way to get better mileage, or simply finding ways to consume less are doing it. We all have a responsibility to do what we can and while we may not realize it, helping keep costs down benefits not only those of us who use oil products, it helps the poor as they simply can’t afford the rising prices. I hope those of us, who call ourselves people of faith, take our faith seriously enough to do our part. While I know this isn’t a typical thing to write about after a trip to Fargo North Dakota, it is something I couldn’t help but think about. Am I doing enough on my own? Likely not, but I am still looking and trying to consume less, and do more, hopefully those reading this will do the same.

The following links can give you more information about the products I recommend and Goodwin Concepts. Following that will be several videos which will show some of the products and work Goodwin Concepts are doing. Jonathan Goodwin is an individual making a difference for our planet. We can all do our part with a little effort. Sometimes that effort is as affordable as $19.95 which could lead to substantially more savings than that.

Johnathan Goodwin's Linc Volt Web Site

Gas Prices Bite. A Wonderful Site Where Product, Testimonials and More Are Available

Direct Link For The Engine Enzymes For 150 Gallons of Fuel

The Goodwin Concepts Store

Direct Link to Information About Super Lubers Additive

Check out the following videos, starting with the Super Lubers Demonstration, following that are other videos featuring the work Jonathan Goodwin is doing.

Super Lubers

Neil Young 1959 Lincoln Linc Volt

A Visit With Johnathan Goodwin Part 1

A Visit With Johnathan Goodwin Part 2

Johnathan Goodwin on Media Talk

Neil Young on David Letterman Talking About The Car Johnathan is Building

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