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New Pastor at Mosaic Wichita Church

The following is a copy of an email I just sent out regarding recent news regarding myself, The Virtual Pew, and a church in Wichita, Mosaic Wichita.

Hi, my name is Mike Furches and it is an honor to introduce myself to you. Some know me from various walks, maybe as former pastor of United at the Cross Community Church in Southwest Wichita, possibly through my on line ministry The Virtual Pew at, an old friend, association through Wichita’s Youth Horizons, MySpace, Hollywood Jesus, or any variety of areas.

I am sending this special announcement as the new Interim Pastor at Mosaic Church in Wichita. There is the possibility this could turn into the Senior Pastor position, but currently Mosaic Wichita and I are seeking God’s direction and wisdom in this process. While my life is active, I am also pleased to say that these ministries are able to blend together in such a way as to not require much more time than I am currently spending in work.

For those familiar with my ministry over the years, you have nothing to worry about, while I have taken a short break to get things in order, things will be getting back to normal in the very near future. I will continue three nights a week at Youth Horizons where I can be involved in the lives of fatherless children through this wonderful ministry plus spend time doing study, research, and writing. The Virtual Pew will also continue, albeit with a few minor changes.

The changes at The Virtual Pew will involve blending some of the messages, research, and ministry of Mosaic Church. Using the unique effectiveness of The Virtual Pew with that of the unique ministry of Mosaic Church many attributes will cross and carry over. Also, Hollywood Jesus will pick up, and I will be scheduling two to three radio shows weekly. These areas of ministry will compliment each other.

Many of you reading this may be hearing about me for the first time. I likely obtained your information from the Mosaic archives, and visitors’ cards. For each of those, greetings and I hope to get to know you better, whether a regular of Mosaic, or if you have visited in the past. I realize some of you have church homes, if so, please accept these emails and those from The Virtual Pew as information emails, and requests to pray for us. If you don’t have a church home, I ask you to reconsider Mosaic, give us a shot. I am working diligently and want you to know, I strongly believe in the vision given this church by former pastor Matt Lowe. I have the desire to reach those who have been hurt and don’t feel they have a place to fit in. Mosaic is for you. To learn more about Mosaic Wichita, if having internet access you can visit or Mosaic’s MySpace Page at While there, if a member of MySpace send us a friends request.

I believe strongly in Mosaic’s vision, you can see and learn that by visiting a number of web sites and learning about me, from or and You can check these web sites, or simply Google my name, Mike Furches. You can see my testimony on video, or request an e-book of my life. I forewarn you, the book has over 700 pages, but many will relate, and quickly see why I have the passions I do. I have been a part of national ministries, Hollywood Jesus (HJ), and The Virtual Pew (TVP) for a number of years. HJ has been on the forefront of discovering spiritual truths in the arts. HJ’s website receives millions of hits a day, and our resources have lead many to faith in Jesus Christ. To be blunt, reaching those I call The Lost, The Last, and The Least has been a critical part of my life.

Through the work at HJ we begin to see people, either come to faith in Jesus Christ or take their relationship with him to the next level. I recognized the need to assist them in their walk with God. In the process, with the help of David Bruce from HJ, and George Barna from the Barna Research Group, we also realized there are many Christians, or followers of Christ who were not attending church; thus the start of TVP, an online ministry seeking to use the web to share Jesus with all people in a new and unique way. TVP is also designed to where, and when possible, plug people back into a local church. While the methods and articles with TVP have at times been controversial, there is no doubt as to the effectiveness of reaching those we sought to reach. TVP receives thousands of hits each day. There is no doubt; many aspects of these ministries will be blended with Mosaic. For those familiar with TVP, those who have been blessed by this ministry, expect that to continue in a new and unique way. You can subscribe to the articles that come out by either a Google Subscription, RSS Feeds, or by going to my MySpace page or The Virtual Pew website. You can also subscribe to The Virtual Pew Live and HJ Live radio programs via RSS Feeds made available through links on the articles of The Virtual Pew.

I am excited about the future of Mosaic. God has great things in store, and while the church is young, and in transition, I want people to know I value concepts rooted in Biblical truth, prayer, support of each other, and relationship. These are foundation blocks that will allow Mosaic to be all it desires to be. While a pastor in a physical church in the past, I learned things such as how to reach others in our internet savvy world. That said, while I value the technological world we live in, nothing replaces the face to face relationship that can and should be found in church, nor can anything replace the real prayers and real love for each other in real, personal contact.

I also want to share my thoughts regarding church. Church is not a building or location, but a group of people who have a shared value and purpose. The shared value of Mosaic is that God loves all people, Goths, the Homeless, Drug Addicts, Street People, Prostitutes, Gay, Straight, Wiccans, Atheist, and more. The Bible is clear, “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” God desires to show his love to all people. As followers of Jesus we are to love, care for, help, and in the process, share our love of Jesus with those around us. The Holy Spirit takes care of the rest.

With the above said, I believe many have gotten it wrong, church is not about us. Church is about God. We are taught in church so we can better serve, and worship God. It is also about discovering our journey in life to find pleasure, joy, and relationship with God. Jesus made it clear, there are no greater commandments than to love God, and love people, or simply put, Love Him, Love Them!

For those in the Wichita area and not involved in a church, I hope you will give Mosaic a chance. If you are part of a sister church please pray for Mosaic on a regular basis. For those in sister churches receiving this, I cherish the opportunity to meet with you to talk about ways to partner to insure the success of Mosaic. We welcome those who see the missional value of Mosaic, and are interested in becoming a part of that mission. If you are among those who have tried Mosaic in the past, haven’t been in a while, give us another chance, I would love to meet you.

My first Sunday as pastor will be April 27, 2008 the last Sunday of the month. If you are in the Wichita area and don’t have a church home, have never visited Mosaic, I ask you to visit, and consider becoming a part of a wonderful ministry. I would also love to see new and old friends for this service celebrating the work that God is going to be doing at Mosaic. Currently Mosaic meets at Truesdale Middle School in Southwest Wichita and directions can be found on the church web site at

For those who have been receiving The Virtual Pew Newsletter, if you want to receive further newsletters and updates regarding Mosaic Wichita, you need to do one of two things, you can go to follow the free newsletter links, and while there, click to subscribe to the Mosaic newsletter. You can also email me and indicate you would like to get the Mosaic Updates.

I am excited about this new venture. I desire your prayers and thank you for them in advance. God has great things in store for each of us, may he grant Mosaic the blessing of touching the lives of those we come into contact with.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate getting back in touch with me.

Now for those familiar with the tradition of The Virtual Pew, here is a video specific to Mosaic. I love the song, and while thought of as a love song, the message is something we can all hear, especially Mosaic. It is a different video but again, one that I think can remind us of The Little Engine That Could. Enjoy the video by clicking on it, if you don't see it, just click on the link. Until then, remember, Nothing is Going To Stop Us Now.

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