Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Virtual Pew Live & On The Air

Things are progressing very quickly with The Virtual Pew Live radio program. In fact, the first show, a test show, is less than one week away. The initial test show of The Virtual Pew Live will be Wednesday August 15. The title of the show is Kickin’ the Back of the Pew. We will simply be testing the set up, using some music for bumper as well as inputting music into the show. It will be an abbreviated 30-minute show as opposed to the standard one hour program.

Having quality bumper music and songs will be something we strive for with every program, whether The Virtual Pew Live, Wrestling Talk with Furches, or the yet to be determined Hollywood Jesus program. We need quality music, sound effects, and material from people, complete with permission to use the material with no royalty charges. We will list a link to the artist providing the material, whether music, sound effects or bumper material if used as well as give frequent mention during the live broadcasts. I am calling out individuals, bands, comedians and so forth on this. If you have material you are willing to submit for use, I would ask you to send the files to or if on MySpace, send a link to me via pm if that music is on MySpace, and has a download option. Again, I will be using music in the program, especially with The Virtual Pew program. If knowing bands or individuals that may be interested in having their music played on air, and promoted in this way, send this information their way. Please don’t send me links to their material, to be honest, I just have so much time. I presently have material from my wife, Benny Logos, I will eventually have material from Rob Cassels Band (AKA) Rob Castles and another band I was with, Route 66. The more I have the better though. Please understand, submitting your material does not guarantee being played on the air. I reserve the right to determine all bumper music and material to be broadcast on The Virtual Pew Live.

I am also looking for advertisers and sponsors. Presently all adds and sponsorships will be voiced, with eventual plans for quality produced pieces. I can presently run quality produced pieces if the sponsor or advertiser provides the audio file. Please contact me for sponsorship or advertising rates for the program. There will be 3 spots available for the 30 minute program, and 5 spots for the 1 hour programs, this is in addition to the Program Sponsorships. Program Sponsors will be mentioned throughout the program plus given the option to call in for the first 5-minutes of the program. All sponsorship and advertising rates that come in goes into the general fund for The Virtual Pew, from which I draw a salary when money is available. The remaining funds are used for ministry purposes, including benevolence assistance to individuals and missions as determined by myself and those associated with The Virtual Pew.

Would you like to be a guest on The Virtual Pew Live? I’m serious, would you? Do you have accomplishments you would like to talk about? Is there something unique about you that would be appropriate for The Virtual Pew Live? Realize you don’t have to be a Christian, but I ask that individuals familiarize themselves with whom and what The Virtual Pew is and does. In other words, we won’t be talking much about things like computer programming unless there is a relevant tie in with The Virtual Pew. I will eventually be contacting individuals to be a guest on the program, but am always open to individuals contacting me. I would especially be interested in even interviewing or having as guests, individuals who have gotten something out of The Virtual Pew, whether through Hollywood Jesus, our own The Virtual Pew website, or MySpace. You don’t have to be a celebrity (but that don’t hurt), you just have to be someone who knows what we are doing, and is willing to be heard.

Would you be willing to co-host The Virtual Pew Live radio program on any given program? Presently, I am not looking for a permanent co-host, but would love to have guest co-host on a regular basis. This is different than a guest, but a co-host who would be there, and be willing to carry on in discussion with me, and/or any guest we may have on a particular program.

Lastly, we need listeners and callers. I have looked at, and evaluated the times and days I think best, let me explain. For The Virtual Pew Live we will be hosting the show on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 Central, 3:00 Mountain, and 2:00 PM Pacific. There are a number of reasons for these time slots. I realize this radio program actually airs over the internet. The most likely time people will listen is while they are at work or if off during the day and make time. Many listen to the radio while at work, even talk radio. We looked at other days and times but with what is currently available on blogtalkradio we didn’t want to compete against some programs. We felt that initially, to have the best impact this would be a great time. I can never find a perfect time for everyone that said, anyone can still listen because every show is archived. The number to call the program is a toll-free number. I can take up to 5 callers at a time and a great problem would be getting a busy signal because of so many callers.

I can also provide links and buttons to place on your web site, your myspace page, and through your emails to promote the show. We want this to have as much of an impact as possible and the only way to do that is to have as many listeners as possible. You will soon be seeing buttons and players on my various web sites, blogs, and at MySpace. You can help by doing the same.

I am going to list below the call in number for the program and the schedule. I am open to other ideas regarding programming and scheduling but wanted to get the first months schedule out as soon as possible. I am also open to putting more days on the schedule, but that will all depend on listeners, advertising and so forth.

We are starting a new era with The Virtual Pew, there is more to come with the Wrestling Talk with Furches, and the Hollywood Jesus program. It is exciting and we hope we can not only provide the same services, teaching, and personal involvement with individuals, we hope we can do more, and we can do better.

The Virtual Pew Live Web Page -

Phone Number to Call During the Show, (Please never call prior to the start of the show) - (646) 716-8587

To Subscribe to The Virtual Pew Live Feed -

Button Code for The Virtual Pew Live: blog radio

Listen Live

Media Player linking directly to The Virtual Pew Live, (if not on air, will play last broadcast program) -


Wednesday August 15 - 4:00 PM (30 Minute Program)
Kickin’ the Back of the Pew
What's Up? Our First Broadcast A Test But Please Listen In and Call

Wednesday August 22 - 4:00 PM (1 Hour Program)
What is the Church?
Why The Virtual Pew Is Different Than The "Typical" Church

Wednesday August 29 - 4:00 PM (1 Hour Program)
Christianity Vs. A Christ Follower
How does the world see Christianity and what is the difference between Christianity and a real follower of Jesus?

Wednesday September 5 - 4:00 PM (1 Hour Program)
My Aunt Ruth & Her Murder. Living Your Faith
The Story of my aunt’s murder and my face to face confrontation with her killer.

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Now I get asked this quite often, Can we repost your blogs or articles? The short answer to that is, what an honor that you would ask, and by all means, spread the word.

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