Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Virtual Pew Live Hits The Air Waves

Press Release:
For Immediate Release:
The Virtual Pew Live Hits The Air Waves.
Contact: Mike Furches (316) 788-1961 or mike@thevirtualpew.com

The Virtual Pew Live will be officially kicking off its broadcasts on Wednesday August 22, 2007. The live internet radio program will be aired at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 Central, 3:00 Mountain, and 2:00 Pacific. The program will have as a topic for the first show, What is the Church and How is The Virtual Pew Different, with special guest Pastor Jesse Moore.

Many know Jesse from his blogs and involvement at MySpace. The blogs are among the top viewed and read blogs on a regular basis and include teachings and a weekly worship blog that incorporates music and teaching. Pastor Jesse Moore is the pastor of 2 churches in Sioux Falls South Dakota and has a unique understanding of the church.

Pastor Mike Furches with The Virtual Pew is the programs host and looks forward to the kick off of the program. After going through several tests programs the show is ready to hit the air for the weekly 1 hour program. The Virtual Pew Live program in the future will have various concepts and guests with topics ranging from Being A Christian Vs. Being a Christ Follower, to Learning from an Atheists where the program will have 2 Atheists as a guest whom will talk about their views of Christianity. Other guests have also been booked for future programs, from Compassion Dave an individual committed to speaking at churches and sharing about Compassion International Ministries to Benny Logos of Benny Logos and the Verses band. This band uses takes Scripture and puts it to contemporary music. Creston Mapes, a top selling author has also been booked among others.

The opening show will have as a theme, looking at The Virtual Pew and ministry that has developed into an international ministry reaching not only those who are followers of Christ and not involved in a church, but also those seeking answers about religion, and Christianity in particular. The concept which was tested first at MySpace has developed its own web site and ministry out reach that reaches an estimated 60,000 persons each week, and the reviews and articles written by Mike Furches are read by millions on a weekly basis through the involvement at MySpace, The Virtual Pew, and Hollywood Jesus among others.

To listen to the program, individuals with internet access can tune in at the above mentioned times at www.blogtalkradio/thevirtualpew The can also call into the program at (646) 716-8587

The outline and basic information for the first program follows:

What is the Church & How is The Virtual Pew Different, Special Guest Pastor Jesse Moore

Obviously with this being our first “official” program we will be talking some about The Virtual Pew, what we do, how we came to be, a little about our web page, our history and what our intent is. Hopefully we will receive phone calls from some who have been associated with The Virtual Pew in the past as they can share their stories and benefits of this ministry.

We also have as mentioned earlier special guest Pastor Jesse Moore. Jesse has become instrumental in his ability to minister to me. From his weekly worship blogs at myspace to his teachings as is often used on the weekly worship blogs that are included via audio files. Pastor Jesse Moore has a unique approach that mirrors and follows many of the same concepts and beliefs used and practiced by The Virtual Pew.

One of the exciting things that we will be able to promote in a venue where the same ol’ Christian traditions are being presented is that we will be able to show a different side and opinion as to the person of Jesus and his teachings. In fact we hope that we will draw in many who are seeking spiritual truths, whether a follower of Christ who is need of refreshing, or a follower of Jesus who is not actively involved in a church, or even those who are searching for spiritual truths that are not followers of any religious group.

In the process of discussing how we are different we will talk about the views of the “Traditional Church” and how that church compares to the church we see in the Bible. Among this discussion we could include some of the recent findings of researcher George Barna as outlined in his book Revolution. If forecasts in that book are accurate, it is possible that within the next 10 years 75% of all people going to church now will no longer be attending church as we know it.

Regarding the church we expect to have conversation on what is and is not the church, how is the church and Christians viewed by those who are not Christian or don’t go to church, what is the pastors role in the church, what is the role and responsibility of those who attend church or are followers of Jesus, how is the church changing, and much more.

Hopefully the program will be of benefit to those listening in either live or via the program archives. Part of the desire of The Virtual Pew is to teach and help those who are either searching, uncertain, dissatisfied, or simply looking for another venue where they can learn Biblical truths and Biblical application in their own lives. Not in a “traditional” non effective way, but in a way that catches the attention of those outside the traditional roles we have come to know all so well.

The program, again, airs every Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM Central, 3:00 PM Mountain, and 2:00 PM Pacific. The program runs for one hour and does take listener calls at (646) 716-8587. If unable to listen live, the program is archived and can be accessed by visiting www.blogtalkradio.com/thevirtualpew

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Tom Emmons said...

I'm glad to see that you have Compassion Dave involved. He's a great guy and has a wonderful heart for children in need.

Would you mind adding a link from your text copy "Compassion" to their web site at http://www.compassion.com ? Maybe your post will encourage someone to sponsor a child with Compassion.

Thank you for all that you do!

Mike Furches & The Virtual Pew said...

Thanks, and will do, I am looking forward to having Dave and a number of others on the bill. Spoke to old friend Mark Hollingsworth yesterday and will also be scheduling him for a future program.