Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mike Furches and The Virtual Pew Live On Air This Friday

Here goes, some good news and ambitious goals for The Virtual Pew. First some updates regarding the recent issue with YouTube.

I received another response from YouTube regarding the article I posted on 7/30/07. Long and short is it doesn’t look good at this point regarding reinstatement unless a ton of people complain and voice their opinions. I appreciate the emails to YouTube and encourage folks to keep it up. There were 3 specific videos in question, 2 which I have ownership of and put together. Both are clearly my videos, and one, while using some material from a television program, clearly falls into what is called Fair Use Copyright. The other video given to me by another individual is in question, and possibly a violation of user policy. The sad thing is YouTube stated it had emailed me several times, and in fact did not. The other fact is that they indicated past violations, when there were clearly no violations. I suspect I am interacting with someone other than the person capable to make decisions. All videos were either wrestling or wrestling related. I could say more on that, but will respond privately if need be. There is a lot going on with The Virtual Pew and I want to address those areas today.

This Friday evening, August 3 at 6:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Central, and 3:00 PM Pacific I will be the guest on the Internet Radio Program Living Saved hosted by Reverend Kerrene and 3STAR Jimmy. The program, hosted at www.blogtalkradio.com/livingsavedwithrevkerrene can be accessed by clicking here.

I will be the guest on the program from 1 – 2 hours and they have asked me to share my story, as well as some about The Virtual Pew. The program can receive phone calls and individuals are encouraged to call and participate in the program. The phone number to call into the program is (646) 478-5942. I would love to talk to as many readers, viewers, and listeners as possible during this particular program. Let’s let everyone know about the program, encourage them to listen, and even call in. The number to call in is a toll free number and will be no charge to the individual making the call.

So far I have really enjoyed the preliminary communications with Rev. Kerrene and 3STAR Jimmy the co-hosts of the program. From all indications they have a good understanding of what we are trying to do with The Virtual Pew and a good understanding of the ministry I am involved in. It will be a great chance for folks to hear my Southern Drawl, (with a New York attitude) while at the same time ask questions and share their thoughts about The Virtual Pew and myself. I really look forward to these types of doors being opened and realizing the work God can do. Of course I suspect some discussion related to movies, television, music and the like due to my past musical associations and for the past number of years I have been with Hollywood Jesus.

On a side note, I am also looking at the possibility of The Virtual Pew hosting a weekly radio, blog cast program. Currently I am looking for bumper music so if there are any bands that would be willing to release some music for consideration, to be used let me know. I would also be interested to know what folks would like to hear on a weekly The Virtual Pew radio program including topics of discussion. I have been asked about doing this for some time but have just become aware of blogtalkradio as a starting point for this. With the ability to take live phone calls, having response via the internet, and having as many as 5 people on line at the same time, there is a great deal of potential here. I am currently looking at a weekly program, so I ask which day is best? I am looking at starting with a 1 hour program, what hour of the day (or night) is best? I greatly appreciate any suggestions as listeners and those a part of The Virtual Pew will know these things better than I. I am merely looking at providing an area of ministry that will benefit those we seek to reach. Of course, I don’t suspect all programs to be “religious” in nature. I would suspect a great deal of wrestling related things to happen on occasion, as well as other topical areas that have drawn individuals to The Virtual Pew. There may end up being another program we look at, specifically targeting the sport of wrestling, as well as possibly broadcasting future wrestling events.

Obviously a lot has been going on and I am excited about the potential. I also need additional individuals to come on board to assist with either co-hosting, guest-hosting and those types of things when I am not available. This ministry has made the effort to reach out across religious boundaries to touch people where they are at, whether they be religious or not. God continues to bless and open up doors. Our intent and goals are still the same, and I don’t suspect that to change. Hopefully there are others still enjoying the ride.

Blessings and more later.

Now I don’t know who will remember the Wauhobbs. I was actually presenting at the National Youth Workers Convention in Dallas in the 1980’s when this group was featured in The Wittenberg Door and was scheduled to perform at the convention. I’ll never forget reading how the drummer could drop a stick, and catch up with the beat like no drummer in the world. If you see the video just double click on it, if you don’t see the video just click on the link. Oh Yea, I promise we won’t use the Wahobbs for bumper music on The Virtual Pew program in the future.

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