Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another Church Shooting and My Meeting with the KKK
A number of years ago we adopted our son. He was born in Charleston South Carolina.  He is a creation of God that came about via a rape of a very young woman. He is half black and half white. We knew at the time of the difficulty in the South, especially in South Carolina of child placement in a state with strong roots and history. We felt the call of God to do what we did and for the first part of his life, he grew up in South Carolina.

During that time I actually ran for political office, a state House Seat which I barely lost to a retired postman. It was unique, while I ran as a Democrat I had garnished the support of the NAACP and the National Right To Life and many Republicans, some would say strange bed fellows but both areas of support I appreciated and cherished. From the NAACP for my willingness to stand up against Dick Riley, (former governor and Secretary of Education under Bill Clinton)  who sought to take away land rights deeded to a slave right after the Civil War and from the NRTL for my strong pro-life, Anti Abortion positions. At the time, I even addressed a strong pro-life position of which I received a standing ovation at the time the largest Democratic Convention in the Country, The South Carolina Democratic Convention. It has always been my desire that we come together as people of faith regarding the need to bring about racial reconciliation. Believe me, I learned early on, we still needed that reconciliation.  That place where we see each other,  "judged not based on the color of our skin but on the content of our character." (Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.) 

www.thevirtualpew.comI learned early on that would be difficult, seeing posters for the KKK posted around regions of the Upstate where I was campaigning, hearing the opinions of separatism by the many I came into contact with on the streets, the looks towards us and our son while standing in line at a grocery store and I could go on. One particular incident in particular I will mention is when I appeared as a guest on the Mike Gallagher Show (now nationally syndicated) with members of the KKK. Mike knew of my situation in adopting a child of biracial origins when I was trying to make a point to the members of the KKK on the show who didn't know of my situation. I asked a question to show and draw out their hatred, as to what their recommendation would be to someone who had adopted a biracial child but had later recognized the wrongs of their actions and wanted to join the KKK.  Now understand, this is something I would never consider but I wanted to show their hatred and lack of understanding live on air. Their response helped me prove my point, "That person would be better off going to a dog pound and adopting a dog," they said, "They could at least legally put the dog down which is what it would deserve." Their anger was fuming, not over the desire to have others in their organization, but that someone would consider such an act, which I had not only considered, but done.

In that answer, they became vile, hateful, and let their pure hatred shine through. I thought Mike Gallagher would have a heart attack as I think he fully expected me to come across the table after them. But I didn't, I knew they had castrated their own points by the spirit and attitude they had just displayed.

I understand the reality of my situation, while my ancestry is French/Indian, I largely grew up in Black communities, even have a Black son, I appear white and for those that don't know me, that is their first impression. This has me reflecting in many ways regarding the news lately but it also has me reflecting on another church shooting that has 7 people dead in Charleston South Carolina, the birth place of my son. It is unfortunate, that hatred still exists based on little else other than the color of ones skin.

www.thevirtualpew.comI was a huge fan, still am of the Reverend (I try to never leave that part out of who and what he was) Martin Luther King Jr. I believe in his approach to teaching, living and sharing the gospel, I pray for the time when Red and Yellow, Black and White, and every mixture in between sees each other for the character of the person and not the color of the skin. I understand the power of hate but I also understand the even greater power of love. I understand the difficulty of displaying it, sharing it, giving it, but I also understand the total value of love I am called to display from the one I call King, that being Jesus Christ. I have to question, why do so many of his supposed followers choose to display actions of hate as opposed to actions of love? Why don't we take seriously our actions and beyond that the struggles of those God would have us call brother and sister. This morning I am once again, reminded to pray; to pray for the hurting, the need of our world to experience total, unrestrained, perfect love that only comes from the Son of God via The Holy Spirit.

Today, I pray, I pray for those who suffer at the hands or racism, hate, and a desire to be something other than the intent of God. May all of us who call ourselves Children of God find ways to come together to show the world around us that there is the possibility to love despite differences. In a world where political hatred seems to drive the bus we all travel on, may we seek out a new bus, a new driver, one who would stand for above all things, love and for me, in the conclusion of that, may Christ be glorified and the miracle of love be birthed among those who have never experienced that love.

There will be those who will attempt to justify racism, but I am reminded by the words in
1 John 4:20 ~ But if we say we love God and don’t love each other, we are liars. We cannot see God. So how can we love God, if we don’t love the people we can see?

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