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Who is Mike Furches, What Am I Called To Do
Who am I? I am first and foremost a willing slave to Jesus but I am more. I am a writer, speaker, author, I actually have 3 jobs although many think I only have one. I write, often contribute to Hollywood Jesus and The Virtual Pew, although I wish I was doing more for Hollywood Jesus, my own fault though because of the time it takes to do other things.  I operate an online ministry previously referenced called The Virtual Pew which I started a number of years ago with the help and advice from some rather respectable people in Christian Ministry, that ministry, The Virtual Pew is also about helping people who are tired of church, been hurt by the church, our focus of ministry has always been The Lost, The Last, The Least and the challenge to those in the church to do the things Christ has called us to do. There is a strong aspect of teaching with The Virtual Pew but also helping people, one at a time, with love and compassion. There has been everything done there from Evangelism, (actually speaking with altar calls and street evangelism or one on one evangelism both face to face and on line), to Suicide Prevention or Grief Counseling and because of my own story, often times helping people who have gone through abuse in one form or another, most often sexual abuse. I have worked with gangs, and troubled youth through that ministry and despite what some believe  I don't do homeless ministry 100% of the time because the lost and hurting involves more than just the homeless. I also pastor a church, albeit very small, Mosaic Wichita. We have as a primary focus the charge of making disciples.   We support other ministries and the work they do, there are first line ministries and others that we like and support, some like that of Breakfast Bob that is a front line meeting initial and immediate needs of those he comes into contact with. We know of his intent to share Jesus and  it is as mentioned in scripture, some water, some plant, some cultivate, and ultimately it is the Holy Spirit who obtains the harvest.

We don't try to make just Christians, or people saved by the skin of their teeth but disciples, truly dedicated 100% willing to surrender all to Jesus. We are to make Disciples, period. While we are to reach, love and serve the poor among others, (Jesus ministry was not only to the poor) his final words commanded us prior to departing this earth was to make disciples. It is our belief at Mosaic that while our primary area of ministry is to the poor, including the homeless, that does not negate the demand and command of Jesus, that we make disciples among all people.

There are other things I used to be, a lifeguard, a factory worker, a construction worker, a carpenter, a football player, a soccer player.  I worked and did pretty well in the music business and in the world of psychiatric mental health rehabilitation.  While those are experiences and parts of me I am appreciative of, have learned from, is still a part of me, they are not the all of me.

www.thevirtualpew.comOh yeah there is something else I am besides all of this, something many of those in ministry seem to forget about, I am a father and a husband. If those aren't my first callings or priorities to ministry and I believe the first callings for all of those in ministry, then the ministry one is involved in is not the ministry God has endorsed.  Think about it, pray about it, search scripture for the truth on it. On those matters of Biblical truth, I will not compromise. It is not always easy but if I can't love and serve my own wife and children, how can I really love and serve those I have come into contact with in my "ministry" life?   Let all of us totally surrender to Jesus, not the things we have heard about Jesus, but the Jesus we see in scripture, his life, his example, let us be the people, doing the things, that God has called us to, not our opinions, not our feelings, but God's callings.

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