Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother's Day Tribute For All Of Us

Mother’s Day, I have to admit, is a day that as a child growing up I never really celebrated or thought much of. I never knew my father and had conflict with my mother. Thankfully, my mother and I were able to resolve prior to her death and for that I am grateful. Some have been critical of me sharing my story but my story is the story of God and ultimately His love and healing power. He is a loving God and the greatest thing He gave me was the ability to feel loved and to love others, not just in a spiritual way but in a real, honest to goodness family way. That doesn’t take away from the reality that I never appreciated Mother’s Day until I became aware of some mothers I want to honor.

There are 4 mothers here; the first is my Grandmother or Mamaw Furches, Blanche Tester Furches. I can’t help but think of how she showed me unconditional love while I was growing up, especially with the difficulties I went through. I wrote a song some time ago called Grandma’s Prayer. I was going through a tough time and was reminded after hearing Gospel singer Yolanda Adams story on the radio of the love expressed to her by her grandmother; her story reminded me of my own grandmother. The lyrics to the song follow:

I used to hear you praying but now I know you’re gone I know I miss you grandma; you’ve been gone oh so long You spent your life; you prayed for me, you spent it praying on your knees

Jesus came and died for us and the vail was torn We can now talk to God if we’ve been reborn

My life has not been perfect; many times I’ve fallen down But others, they prayed for me, God listens when you’re on your knees

Jesus came and died for us and the vail was torn We can now talk to God if we’ve been reborn

I used to hear you praying but now I know you’re gone I know I miss you grandma; you’ve been gone oh so long You spent your life; you prayed for me, you spent it praying on your knees

I am convinced God used my grandmothers’ prayers to reach me. I recall waking up from sleeping on the floor or the couch of her home, early in the morning, watching her read her bible and praying for me and others in the family. Years later she told me of her prayers, I will never forget her sacrificial love not just for me, but others.

Another mother to point out that has given me reason to celebrate is the one who showed me a Godly, perfect physical love, my wife, Mary Jane Furches. Many questioned our relationship as she is older than me. Some even questioned our relationship and whether or not we should get married, some of those refusing to come to our wedding. Yet, despite our age difference, despite the critics, we have been together for over 34 years and married for 33 years now. We have had one very difficult time where we almost didn’t make it, but we stuck it out. It was during that time I was reminded of the love from my grandmother, her prayers, (when I wrote the song.) I decided I wasn’t going to throw my grandmother’s prayers away. My wife and I stuck it out and she has been my biggest supporter. People have expressed to me how much they appreciate the ministry work I do, I have to say, I couldn’t have done it without my wife. She has kept me balanced, on the straight and narrow and been there over the years to encourage me when I needed it the most. I know how imperfect I am, I also know how perfect my wife’s love is for me. She has been an incredible mother to our two children who are both grown now. As I saw her love and care for our children, I was reminded of what a perfect example of a mother is. She had a wonderful mother and I know her mother would be proud of her for what she became if she were still alive. I can’t help but believe though, that God has allowed her mother to see what a wonderful mother Mary Jane is. She has been so perfect that it must be a part of a heavenly gift God would allow and give. I love my wife, she has been the best wife, mother, friend, lover that I could ask for, in her, God gave me everything I need. I feel sorry for many of the critics, I feel sorry in knowing that in their criticism, they have failed to see a perfect, Godly love, one that can exist between a man and a wife, but also, a mother and her children.

Another mother I want to honor is the newest mother in my family, my daughter, Marathana Prothro. We raised our daughter to be an advocate for the weak, the poor, and to stand up for all people. We wanted an independent thinking daughter, intelligent and loving, we got it! She has accomplished all we could have ever wanted. She has excelled in the class room earning her masters, in the selection of a good man for a husband and partner and now as a new mother. I watch her both in person and from afar at places like Facebook and I see much of how her mother and I raised her coming out in the way she treats our grandson, her child, Atticus Ross Prothro. Even his name stands for one who would seek justice. Atticus is a little guy, well not really that little, he is a big boy for 10 months of age. We watch our daughter working at being the best mother she can be. She has also been a good wife. I am convinced that she is raising our grandson with the attitude and actions of a loving mother. She and her husband Brett are good providers and make wise decisions. I don’t know how a parent could be prouder of a daughter, she has given us a grandson we will enjoy seeing grow. He looks like our daughter and seeing him grow up will remind us of our daughter. As I think of Mother’s Day, I am reminded of a child who listened to her mother and has implemented much of what their mother taught her; in return becoming a mother a Papa can be proud of.

The last mother to point out and honor is the mother of our granddaughter, Aaliyah Monroe Elise Furches. Emily Grigg is a mother that I have learned to appreciate, love and respect for her willingness to keep my wife and I in the life of our granddaughter. To say the least, we realize that over the last 2 years there have been some tough times for Emily and the rest of the Furches family. With the trouble though, Emily has never one single time waivered in Mary Jane and my opportunity to be with our Aaliyah. We have her virtually every weekend and Emily has made many sacrifices to allow us the opportunity to be with Aaliyah. I realize, there are so many young women, who with the circumstances we have had to go through, would not have allowed us those opportunities. Emily has a family that obviously loves her; she has exhibited and shown so much love, making so many sacrifices for Aaliyah. There is no way we could be more grateful for that. There is something about this young ladies heart that is right, it is pure and while she may have a hard time believing we are going to say this, it is clear there is something about Emily’s heart that is Godly. She is a wonderful mother God must appreciate. She is teaching her child little things like manners. We couldn’t ask for a better daughter in law that has loved the way she has. I have no doubt, our granddaughter, who is a baby genius after all, got some of her smarts, if not most all of them, from her mother. I also have no doubt, that my wife and I are blessed, because Emily is a wonderful mother who wants the best for Aaliyah. For me, after seeing the things in my life that I have, I can’t tell you how much the sacrificial love of Emily has touched me. She is another reminder of what Mother’s Day is all about.

I learned some time ago, not all of us have had the best experiences with mothers. Some have had experiences that aren’t positive at all. I am grateful that I have been able to look around me and in my life, find special women who has reminded me of what a Godly mother is, whether a grandmother who would pray for me, a wife who stuck by me, a daughter who has excelled and learned from her mother, and a daughter in law who has sacrificed and shared of her daughter. There are mothers all around who can inspire if we open our eyes and look. I would ask, this Mother’s Day, honor mothers, especially those who continue to inspire us and love their children. Mothers can still inspire us, I know, because these four and more have inspired me.

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While Judy wasn’t my mother, she is a mother I watched from afar. I put this together for her funeral and it symbolizes I think in a positive way, the love of a mother.

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