Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich and the Political Process

The Virtual Pew Live and HJ Live this week has a wonderful series of programs. Starting today will be a complete replay of the Barack Obama presentation yesterday in El Dorado Kansas as well as his endorsement by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sabilius. As a part of this special 2 hour program we will also speak with Pastor Dave Jenkins from Servants of Grace where we will speak about Christians and Politics. This will run for the second hour of the program. I will also speak some of the interview I did yesterday with Salon Magazine which is running nationally today.

Tomorrow, we have as a special guest, James Oliva, producer, writer, and director of the new wrestling movie 7-Minutes. James and I will speak of wrestling, faith, title IX and much more.

Both of these programs will run at Todays program will start at 3:00 PM CST and can be heard nationally over the internet by visiting the above link. We will also take phone calls for the 2nd hour of the program at (646) 716-8587 and at the same number for the program on Thursday, January 31.

On Friday we will continue somewhat with the theme of Politics and the arts at the HJ Live program. At HJ Live we have as a special guest, Alex Arndt from Los Angeles California. Alex, an independent music artist recently had his song chosen as a campaign song by former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Alex is very involved politically and in various causes. We will speak about artists involvement in politics and special causes. The url for HJ Live is and the call in number for the program, which starts at 4 PM CST is, (646) 716-8853.

A reminder that all programs can be heard via archives, and we love to hear back from those listening in, whether at The Virtual Pew Live or HJ Live.

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