Saturday, December 8, 2007

Listen to the Mitch Albom Interview

Would you like to hear the interview with Mitch Albom, author and screenwriter of Oprah Presents; Mitch Albom’s One More Day, the Sunday Movie of the week on ABC Television? Mitch has written many stories, and you can listen to the interview between he and I at the link provided at the conclusion of this article. Feel free to call into the program if getting this prior to airing at 646-716 -8853. The show will air today at 4PM EST, 3 PM CST, 2 PM MST, and 1 PM PST. As always, if you can’t listen live, the show will be available via archive by clicking on the link here. You can also call in to talk about my perspective on the movie, or about the new release of The Golden Compass and a Differing Christian Perspective of the Film. If you want to see the article, The Golden Compass, One Christians Anti Protest, visit the link at The Virtual Pew by clicking on this link. You can also read and follow along with the transcript of the Mitch Albom interview by clickin this link as well as see the trailer for the program.

Enjoy the show, hope to hear from you. You can always email your comments and thoughts at or by commenting here.

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